“If I were the Lakers, I would say yes to this blockbuster trade”

Despite a lot of effort during the offseason, the Lakers have not yet managed to mount an XXL trade that could do them good. According to a former coach of the year, however, they should go all-in on a potential transaction. There is no more !

Since the start of the offseason, the Lakers have been busy bringing a new star to their home. They notably sold Russell Westbrook with the competition, unfortunately without success because in addition to being expensive (47 million dollars in 2022-23), the last season of the leader is not to increase his rating. At the moment, only the Pacers still seem like credible candidates for a trade, especially since Los Angeles is eyeing Buddy Hield and Myles Turner there.

In fact, the conditions seem to be met for a deal to see the light of day, but here again, the Purples and Golds must be prepared for a big cold snap. In fact, they are still reluctant to part with their first-round picks in 2027 and 2029, who have virtually no assets left via the draft. However, Sam Mitchell implored them to yield to Indiana’s requests, during his passage on SiriusXM radio. According to the Coach of the Year in 2007 with Toronto, the game is worth the candle:

Sam Mitchell in favor of a trade between Lakers and Pacers

If the Lakers do that, then they’re into it until they see if it’s not going to work. If I am the Lakers, I try the transfer. I would hate to give up everything they have to give up, but if I have James for 2 years and you tell yourself that the best 2 years you are going to get from Anthony Davis are the next 2 years… I make the deal and if it doesn’t work, I stop everything and trade everyone next year.

It’s true that letting go of their latest draft picks seems risky, but do the Californians really have a choice? Not really, after the shipwreck that was last season. In addition to that, we must not forget that the picks do not guarantee to obtain good players in the future, and that by the time they land in the NBA, LeBron James in particular will have retired. Seriously enough to close LA’s shooting window…

As a result, we might as well hope that the superstars in place remain in good health and go on a short-term strategy, thus maximizing the King’s last years. As such, Turner and Hield would be ideal recruits since they would fill many of the team’s needs, with defense and shooting in particular. What offer more solutions to coach Darvin Ham so as not to be entirely dependent on his figureheads.

Sam Mitchell is convinced, the Lakers must trade as soon as possible for Myles Turner and Buddy Hield because their contribution could well be beneficial. We want to believe it, but we still have to agree on a deal with the Pacers.

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