“If I ran into Michael Jordan, I would surely give him a straight line”

Through his violent competitive spirit, Michael Jordan did not only make friends in the league between 1984 and 2003. And one of them, who certainly laughs today, would still not be against a little physical revenge…

During his years in the NBA, and particularly the 1990s, Michael Jordan left only crumbs to the competition. Many excellent players, true stars of their time, hung up the sneakers without having gleaned the slightest ring because of Her Majesty.

Among them, we can mention John Stockon, Karl Malone, Charles Barkley, Patrick Ewing or even a certain big-mouthed sniper: Reggie Miller. If Indiana’s fullback is came close to bringing down the Bulls in the 1998 Conference Finals, even pushing Jordan and his troop to a rare Game 7, it was finally nothing. His Airness will also take advantage of this to put an average of 31.7 points on his head.

And obviously, Miller has a deep grudge. The two men have no particular animosity, but the weight of the words exchanged during their past battles seem to have left their mark. Guest of Dan Patrick Show in April 2020, as is quite regularly the case, Reggie was asked what he would do if he ran into Michael Jordan somewhere. His answer had the merit of being cash.

Dan Patrick : What would you say to him if you went to have a bite to eat with him at the restaurant?

Reggie Miller : I would surely give him a straight line.

Dan Patrick : Are you serious ?

Reggie Miller : Man… There are a lot of things that have been said on the court [preuve avec les 10 meilleures histoires de trash-talking de MJ, ndlr]

That has the merit of being clear. The last time the two were in the same room was probably during Reggie Miller’s Hall of Fame induction. That evening, he apostrophized MJ and admitted that yes, he had made an offensive fault by pushing His Majesty on his legendary buzzer-beater against the Bulls. Judge instead:

Michael Jordan and Reggie Miller won’t be going on vacation together, and that’s good. Let’s look forward to seeing the crazy competitiveness of the 90s remain intact to this day. This is also what forged the whole legend of these two monuments of American basketball.

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