« If I hadn’t been born, I think he could be number 1 », Wembanyama calls out his draft rival

On the sidelines of a friendly match in Nevada against the NBA G-League Ignite, a selection of young people likely to be part of the next draft like him, Victor Wembanyama chambered Scoot Henderson, his main rival as number one.

« For recognition at the world level, this is going to be the most important game of my life, » said French phenomenon Victor Wembanyama, favorite to be number one in the next NBA draft, on Monday on the eve of a friendly match in Henderson (Nevada).

It is a real seduction operation that the 18-year-old player, of impressive height (2.21 m and a wingspan of 2.43 m), launched in front of the media for his first steps in the United States as part of an event set up by the NBA, via its antechamber the G-League.

This will organize Tuesday and Thursday two friendly matches between his club Nanterre Metropolitans, which is however in the middle of its season in the French championship, with the NBA G-League Ignite, a selection of young people likely like him to be part of the next draft, supervised by veterans.

The opportunity therefore for Wembanyama to show himself in his best light and confirm all the good that American observers already think of him, since for many months he has been considered the future number 1 in the Draft, which will take place on June 22, 2023 just after the NBA Finals. « I’m curious how it’s going to go, » said the inside about the first game that awaits him Tuesday, in the brand new Dollar Loan Center in Henderson (south of Las Vegas) and its 5,000 seats.

« A first »

« We’re a foreign team, going against an NBA team, with NBA rules, on an NBA court. It’s really going to be a first for me. I know it’s going to be fine, but I I’m still curious, » he continued.

This meeting is all the more interesting as he will have in front of him another very scrutinized « prospect » (hope), Scoot Henderson. Many consider him his main competitor, to be chosen first by the NBA team that will have this chance. « Of all the prospects I’ve heard of in our crop, I think he’s my favorite. He’s the most reliable player I’ve seen. He’s a really great player, » Wembanyama said. , before putting things back in order by joking: « If I had never been born, I think he would deserve the first place ».

Highly mobile and agile, Victor is also capable of mid-range and three-point shooting, as well as using his long arms to be a deterrent in his racket. Assets that make it one of the most beautiful promises in world basketball since the 2021 World Cup for the under-19s, where only the Americans were able to stop their Blues in the final (83-81).

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