Ice hockey: NL 20-21: Presentation of Gottron – Switzerland – National League: Friborg (Friborg-Gottron)

Switzerland – National League: Friborg (Friborg-Gottron)
Ice Hockey – NL 20-21: Presentation of Gottron
Before the 2020/2021 National League season, the Swiss editorial staff of Hockey Hebdo will present each team in the first Swiss ice hockey division in turn. Today we are interested in Friborg-Gottron

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Yves Seira (archives)
The international Reto Berra will be able to defend the Freiburg cages one more year

Today, we offer you the presentation of Friborg-Gottéron.

Passed the helm in October 2019 after the dismissal of trainer Mark French, the GM of Friborg Christian Dubé is still on the gang on time to start this season 20-21. The former great star of the championship (839 points in 816 games for Lugano, SCB and finally Gottéron, between 2011 and 2015) did not completely change the DNA of the Dragons, he was content to sign a few well-felt transfers .
Gottéron’s number one asset is his last rampart, Reto Berra (33 Years). Able to win games on his own, the former goaltender of the Colorado Avalanche, Calgary Flames, Florida Panthers and Anaheim Ducks is a blocker, regularly called up to the national team. It is the full risk insurance for Christian Dubé’s team. Behind, no real foreground backup, but another colossus (102 kg against 99 for Berra), in this case the Canado-Suisse Connor hughes (24 years old), who disembarks from Langenthal.
To strengthen his defense, Christian Dubé made two excellent transfers, given the market. First of all, he recruited Benoit Jecker (26 years old) from Lugano to compensate for the departure of Aurélien Marti in Lausanne. Then, to replace the young Sandro Forrer, he hired a certain Dave sutter from ZSC Lions (28 years old). Member of the enlarged frame of the Nati, this solid rear (195 cm for 105 kg) signs a return to Friborg since he had made a freelance in 14-15, in license B from La Chaux-de-Fonds. The Minister of Defense, Philipp furrer (35 years old), brings all the experience of his 19 seasons in the National League and his many caps in the Swiss team. The American Ryan gunderson (35), he does not play far from 25 minutes per game and is one of the best offensive defenders in the league. We will still note the routine Jeremiah Kamerzin (32 years old) as well as the super talent David Aebischer (20), back from QMJHL and not to be confused with his namesake, goalie coach and former Stanley Cup winner David Aebischer.
In attack, Gottéron signed three interesting players. Striker Yannick Herren (29 years old) comes from Lausanne, the young winger Gaétan Jobin (19 years old) from QMJHL and the Canadian Chris DiDomenico (31 years old) from Langnau. The former Ottawa Senators forward, who can play center and wing, is an energy player who will be described as rock ‘n’ roll. The kind of player you’d rather have on your team than against yourself. This transfer is a bit surprising because Gottéron already has an intense player in his imports with the Swede Daniel Brodin (30 years). Author of 16 goals last year, he is more of a goalscorer than the Canadian. The other Swede in the contingent, Viktor Stålberg (34), went from 54 points in 51 games with the EVZ in 17-18 to « only » 31 points in 46 games last season in Freiburg. Does the arrival of Chris DiDomenico endanger the former Stanley Cup winner with the Chicago Blackhawks (548 NHL games, 84 goals)? The last import from the continent is also a big customer, since it is the Canadian David Desharnais (34), author of 299 points in 575 NHL games. If it seems inconceivable that the defender Ryan Gunderson is supernumerary, the season will be hot between the four attackers for the three remaining places… To see how Christian Dubé will manage this situation. Gottéron is the only club to start the season with 5 imports with Lugano, but the Ticinese are deprived of Jani Lajunen (injured).
At the Swiss level, Julien sprunger (34 years old) is still there, but in what physical condition? Often injured and embarrassed by concussions, the legendary genius striker is currently the eleventh highest scorer in National League history, with 646 points. The son of Vyacheslav Bykov (consultant for the club), Andrei Bykov (32 years old), is also still present. Killian Mottet (29 years old), too inconstant to join the national team for a long time, has everything in his hands to become the number one Swiss striker for the Dragons. With this team, Gottéron has the means to fulfill his ambitions and a direct qualification for the play-off (sixth place) is not at all excluded.
Latest promotion1980
Participation in play-offs22 times
Participation rate in play-offs65%
Titles in the play-off erano
Lost play-off finals1992, 1993, 1994, 2013
RinkBCF Arena: 8,934 seats
ArrivalsChris DiDomenico (Langnau), Dave Sutter (ZSC Lions), Yannick Herren
(Lausanne), Connor Hughes (Langenthal / SL), Benoit Jecker (Lugano),
David Aebischer (Gatineau / QMJHL), Jordann Bougro (Zug), Gaétan
Jobin (Charlottetown / QMJHL)
DeparturesAurélien Marti (Lausanne), Marco Forrer (Zug), Lukas Lhotak (Rapperswil),
Ludovic Waeber (ZSC Lions), Flavio Schmutz (Langnau), Tristan Vauclair
(withdrawal), Zach Boychuk (?)
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