Ice hockey – NHL (play-offs): Carolina takes the lead, Toronto flies away

Aurélie SACCHELLI, Media365, published on Wednesday, May 26, 2021 at 9:24 a.m.

Carolina now leads 3-2 in her series against Nashville, thanks to her 3-2 overtime victory. In the North Division, Toronto is only one second round victory thanks to its easy success in Montreal (0-4).

Game five and home victory in the series between Carolina and Nashville in the Central Division of the NHL play-offs first round. The Hurricanes now lead 3-2 against the Predators, after their 3-2 overtime victory, the third overtime of the last three games. Martin Necas scored Carolina’s two goals in the 15th and 53rd minutes, while Yakov Trenin also netted himself a brace for Nashville in the 12th and 21st minutes. And finally, after only two minutes and three seconds of overtime, it was Jordan Staal who delivered the victory to the Hurricanes in this series which was the most unbalanced on paper in this division. Nashville will now try to snatch a Match 7, playing Thursday at home.

Toronto is having fun

In the other game of the night, Toronto claimed a third win in four games against Montreal, 4-0. It was in the second period that the Maple Leafs made the difference, scoring three goals by William Nylander (22nd), Jason Spezza (33rd) and Joe Thornton (35th), who became, at 41, the oldest. Canadian franchise player to score a goal in the play-offs. Alex Galchenyuk added more weight with four minutes remaining in the empty goal. Jack Campbell made 32 saves, scoring a shutout for the first time in his play-off career. Toronto now leads the series 3-1, before a game to be played at home Thursday to try to conclude and challenge Winnipeg in the second round.

1st round

Central division
Carolina Hurricanes (1) – Nashville Predators (4): 3-2
Match 1 –Carolina hurricanes – Nashville Predators: 5-2
Match 2 –Carolina hurricanes – Nashville Predators: 3-0
Match 3 – Nashville Predators – Carolina Hurricanes: 5-4 p
Match 4 – Nashville Predators – Carolina Hurricanes: 4-3 a.m.
Match 5 – Carolina hurricanes – Nashville Predators: 3-2 ap
Match 6: Nashville Predators – Carolina Hurricanes May 27
Match 7 (if necessary): Carolina Hurricanes – Nashville Predators May 29

North Division
Toronto Maple Leafs (1) – Montreal Canadiens (4): 3-1
Match 1 – Toronto Maple Leafs – Montreal Canadiens : 1-2
Match 2 – Toronto Maple Leafs – Montreal Canadiens: 5-1
Match 3 – Montreal Canadiens – Toronto Maple Leafs : 1-2
Match 4 – Montreal Canadiens – Toronto Maple Leafs : 0-4
Match 5: Toronto Maple Leafs – Montreal Canadiens on May 27
Match 6 (if necessary): Montreal Canadiens – Toronto Maple Leafs May 29
Match 7 (if necessary): Toronto Maple Leafs – Montreal Canadiens on May 31

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