Ice hockey – Mondial (H): France loses against Slovakia for its debut

Aurélie SACCHELLI, Media365, published on Friday May 13, 2022 at 5:49 p.m.

The French men’s ice hockey team lost 4-2 against Slovakia in Helsinki for its first match of the world championship. The Blues will try to bounce back against Kazakhstan on Sunday.

Let’s go for the 2022 Ice Hockey World Cup! And it’s off to a bad start for the French team… Les Bleus were beaten 4-2 by Slovakia on their debut in the competition, they who learned only a few weeks ago that they would participate, thanks excluding Russia for invading Ukraine. During this Finnish World Cup, which will last until May 29, the French, absent from the last Olympics, will aim for nothing other than maintenance, and the matches against Kazakhstan and Italy will a priori be the most within their reach. in this group A. In the meantime, it was necessary to challenge Slovakia, bronze medalist of the Beijing Olympics, and Philippe Bozon’s men bowed despite a good resistance.

Rech and Perret scored

After eleven minutes of play, the Slovaks opened the scoring through Pavol Regenda, who took advantage of a puck that bounced off French goalkeeper Henri-Corentin Buysse. Then they doubled the bet by the NHL player (New Jersey) Tomas Tatar, in numerical superiority after the exit of Pierre Crinon, and who scored in the empty goal after a shot deflected on him by Buysse (2-0, 22nd) . But the Blues were not let down, and just over four minutes after conceding this second goal, they found the opening by Anthony Rech, who recovered the puck full axis and scored from the backhand. On their way, the French even equalized in the 33rd by Jordann Perret, magnificently served by Valentin Claireaux (2-2). The feat then seemed possible, but Samuel Takac put the Slovaks back in front two minutes from the end of the second period after a scramble in front of the cage. France failed to score in the final third, and finally, eight seconds from the final buzzer, Les Bleus conceded a final goal, through Regenda into the empty net.

And now, Kazakhstan!

It is therefore a defeat for the French, a logical defeat given the statistics, the Slovaks having shot 28 times against 18. The Blues also paid for their indiscipline, they who received 10 minutes of penalty, against 4 for their opponents. Sunday at 3:20 p.m., Sacha Treille and his teammates will already play a crucial match, against Kazakhstan, which they have not faced since 2016, and which the Blues have every interest in beating to launch the maintenance operation.

From May 13 to 29 in Finland (program in French time)


1- Slovakia, 3 points
2- France, 0

Friday May 13
France – Slovakia : 2-4
7:20 p.m.: Germany – Canada

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