Ice Hockey Legend – Martin St. Louis: ‘I Played At The Edge Of The Rules’

Martin St. Louis: ‘I played on the edge of the rules’

Martin St. Louis, here for Tampa Bay in 2013, is one of the best snipers in NHL history, amassing 1,123 points in 1,241 games.

Martin St.Louis, in 2004, during an NHL lockout, you played 23 matches with Lausanne in the LNA. You didn’t seem happy there. Are we wrong?

It was not easy, it is true, but it had nothing to do with the club, the city or the country. During my three-month stint, I loved my teammates, the coach, who had already guided me before (note: Bill Stewart), and Silvio (Editor’s note: Caldelari, sports director), who was so friendly and went out of his way to make sure my family and I didn’t miss anything. In that aspect, it was just extraordinary.

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