Ice hockey: Lausanne striker, Hartikainen carries Geneva, dark Ajoie


Ice HockeyLausanne striker, Hartikainen gate Geneva, dark Ajoie

The LHC lost to Rapperswil after a crazy match (5-4), Servette took the measure of Ambri (5-2) thanks to a hat-trick from his Finn and the Jurassians lost again.


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The match between Rapperswil and Lausanne gave birth to a crazy scenario.

The match between Rapperswil and Lausanne gave birth to a crazy scenario.

fresh focus

Trips to Rapperswil are definitely turning into a nightmare for Lausanne this season. After the humiliation of November 1st (7-4 defeat after leading 1-4), the Vaud team suffered a new disappointment on Friday evening on the Saint-Galloise ice. This time, she let slip a two-goal lead then overused an unexpected comeback to concede another setback (5-4), her 18th already this season.

The Lions – who saw Heldner, Emmerton (injured), Sidler and Bozon (ill) add to their long list of absentees – somewhat scuttled themselves against the Lakers by once again being undisciplined. Albrecht (20th, 1-2) and Aebischer (28th, 2-2) perfectly exploited the more than avoidable penalties whistled against Pedretti and the incorrigible Kenins to revive the actions of their team. Then Moy (58th, 5-4), again on the numerical superiority, punished the Vaudois who had just caught up to the mark.

This new defeat is all the more regrettable and frustrating as the LHC had a good start to the match against Saint-Gallois who only fielded four foreigners (first presence of Jordan, absences of Djuse, Cervenka, Jensen) and that he had shown character to equalize thanks to Audette (57th, 4-4). In a completely unbridled end to the match, the Vaudois even thought of snatching extra time five seconds from the final siren, but the referees signaled a foul by Pannik on Nyffeler.

Lausanne, which hosts Zurich on Saturday evening (7:45 p.m.) at the Vaudoise arena, will it be able to recover from such a blow of fate against the finalist of the last play-offs? If they intend to achieve a small feat in front of their audience, the Lions will have to display the same face as in the first and last thirds. Namely that of a team rather in place behind and capable of several good combinations in the offensive zone. The return of Punnenovs in place of a Stephan tenured for the first time since September 27 could greatly help.

Hartikainen carried Ge/Servette against Ambri

Teemu Hartikainen was the big man for GSHC against Ambri.

Teemu Hartikainen was the big man for GSHC against Ambri.

Bastien Gallay

Three is the number of consecutive defeats at home that Ge / Servette will have known. Carried by a gala Hartikainen (three goals), the Genevans took the measure of Ambri (5-2) to end their bad series at Vernets, during the Escalade match. The National League leader travels to Kloten on Saturday to consolidate his position before the international break.

The Eagles hit hard from the start by opening the scoring, on a breaking action following a reversal of the Leventins, from the 48th second. Winnik, well served by Miranda, perfectly outsmarted Juvonen. Ambri was nevertheless quickly able to equalize in power play by Hofer (3rd). Cereda’s men took advantage of the numerous inaccuracies in Geneva to prove to be the most dangerous during the first quarter of an hour.

From that moment, Ge/Servette was the best formation on the ice. In less than 14 minutes, between the 21st and 34th, the score went from 1-1 to 4-1 thanks to the first hat-trick of the exercise from the inevitable Teemu Hartikainen. The Finn, as usual, showed off his power in the slot and his sense of goal. More generally, it was his trio with Pouliot and Omark which was impressively easy, creating a multitude of chances.

With this advantage, the GSHC managed in the final act, knowing all the same some scares with the reduction of the score of Zwerger (48th). The team led by Cadieux travels to Kloten on Saturday to play its last match before the second international break of the season.

Ajoie decidedly too vulnerable

Guillaume Asselin (right) squeezed by Oliwer Kaski (left) and Raphael Herburger.

Guillaume Asselin (right) squeezed by Oliwer Kaski (left) and Raphael Herburger.

fresh focus

Nearly a month and a half after its last success, HC Ajoie failed to win on Friday at home against Lugano (2-5). Led quickly by two lengths, he returned to the race thanks to a double from Guillaume Asselin, who was making his return to the game, in the second period. But once again, Filip Pesan’s players let go at the end of the game, with three goals conceded.

They record their 12e consecutive loss on the 24the in 29 days. Note that they accomplished the “feat” of playing almost the entire last two minutes at… 6 against 3 without succeeding in closing the gap!

It must be admitted that after twenty minutes, we were no longer giving much of their skin. Because what the National League red lantern offered during the initial period was a hockey of total misery. A sad game, to be honest. The Luganese, who made the trip to the Jura the day before and trained Friday morning on the annex ice of the Bruntrutain arena, used this favor to quickly take the lead.

After 128 seconds, Calvin Thürkauf opened the scoring on the power play as TJ Brennan had just entered the penalty box. Things did not improve for Ajoie, overwhelmed, even suffocated, by the speed of execution of his guest. Brett Connolly, breaking after Brennan wallowed on the opposing blue line, failed to double the lead (5e). Raphaël Herburger would succeed, fortunately, two minutes later. It was defender Valentin Pilet’s skate that deflected the puck into the back of the net guarded by Tim Wolf.

Between the abnegation and envy of Luganese and the apparent resignation of the Jurassians, unable to impose their presence in the opposite zone, the dice seemed cast. But the public remained present, despite a third of great suffering. He then witnessed the reduction of Guillaume Asselin’s score, to 5 against 4, at the start of the middle period. The Quebecer, for his first outing since November 18, concluded a lightning triangulation initiated by Kohler and relayed by Bakos. A flash of genius, out of nowhere, which suddenly revived a collective that seemed hockeyistically dead a few moments earlier.

Asselin, by far the best element of the HCA on the ice, revived the local offensive. It is still from him, at the very end of the intermediate third, that the equalization came. With panache, the pocket winger scored his 8e success of the exercise. This equalizer did not fall against all expectations, because it was Ajoie who showed himself to be the most enterprising as soon as the 2-1 was scored.

The yellow and black number 38 would still be talked about a little later by committing an irregularity in the offensive zone which allowed Troy Josephs, with an extra man, to restore the advantage to the Ticino (47e). Stunned, HC Ajoie let go, definitively this time, two minutes later (Zanetti, 4-2) then eight minutes from time (Granlund, 5-2).

On Saturday, Ajoie travels to Biel, a neighbor he has never beaten since his return to the top flight. It promises!

End of series for HC Biel

Biel's Luca Christen (left) in a duel with Keijo Weibel.

Biel’s Luca Christen (left) in a duel with Keijo Weibel.

fresh focus

Langnau stopped the series of HC Bienne. After successes in Lausanne (2-4), then against Lugano (3-0) and Friborg (4-2), the Seelanders were dominated 2-1 by Langnau, and recorded their first loss since November 29 in Davos.

Having scored 72% of the Tigres’ goals this season, the Emmental foreign legion did the job again at Ilfis, signing a first victory this season against Biel, after two heavy initial defeats against their neighbor (1-6, 7- 2). Langnau took advantage of the moment of hesitation caused by the exit of Biel goalkeeper Säteri (27th), apparently suffering from an adductor injury when stopping a shot from Duay. The opener came straight away for Langnau, in the form of a superb solo from Saarijärvi in ​​the Zealand defense (1-0, 31st).

Just before the second break, the Tigers doubled the bet by Eakin, author of a subtle deflection on a shot by Saarela from the blue line (2-0, 39th). Despite the reduction of the score by Olofsson (45th) and the clear domination of Bienne in the last third, Langnau validated his victory afterwards with the 3-1 scored in the empty cage by Michaelis in the last seconds of the match.

In the standings, Bienne (56 points) remains second, 6 points behind leader Genève-Servette. Törmänen’s men will already be able to resume on Saturday at the Tissot Arena in the derby against Ajoie.

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