Ice hockey: Floran Douay leaves the LHC: “There is above all relief”


Ice HockeyFloran Douay leaves the LHC: « There is above all relief »

The French striker with a Swiss license has reconsidered his choice to break his contract with the Lions and to engage in stride with Langnau. Interview.

Floran Douay left Lausanne for Langnau after 107 top flight appearances with the Lions.

Floran Douay left Lausanne for Langnau after 107 top flight appearances with the Lions.

Eric Lafargue

Floran Douay, you join Langnau after just over two seasons in Lausanne. Why are you leaving the Vaudoise arena?

I saw that I no longer entered too much into the LHC plans. When I saw that the club sent me to Sierre, I started to study the options available to me. I thought a lot about my future, although I had one year left on my contract with Lausanne. But I wanted to play. The best solution was therefore to join a team of the caliber of Langnau to find playing time, to show another side of me and to receive responsibilities.

You mentioned your loans in Sierre, but there were also some on the side of Grenoble…

From this summer, it was indeed a bit complicated because once I was in the club’s plans, another time I no longer felt the confidence of the LHC. Once I started with Sierre, I said to myself that I had to act, that I find something better for my career.

Where did this lack of confidence come from? Offices, coaching-staff?

Maybe a little more on Petr’s side (Svoboda)even if John (Fust) also didn’t pull the rope the right way for me to stay. It was, however, an overall feeling. I told myself that I had to see something else because I just couldn’t take it anymore. It had to be settled quickly for the good of all parties. But it’s true that the big discussions I had were with Petr.

How do you rate your time in Lausanne?

It’s a great club, even if it doesn’t use its full potential at the moment. I think great things can happen at this club in the future. Playing in Lausanne is just a joy. There is everything: the ice rink, the infrastructure, the public, the city… The players do not realize how lucky they are to play in such a city. For me, it was an experience. I chose a completely different one by joining a hometown. In Langnau, I will be able to focus more on sport. But these are two experiences that you have to live once in your life.

More specifically, what is your personal assessment of your adventure at the LHC?

It’s hard to say because I didn’t have a lot of playing time, especially in the second season. In these conditions, it was hard to show what I was capable of. However, I think my first exercise was correct. (46 matches, 14 points)minus the second (45 parts, 8 units). Overall, the adventure was disappointing, from all points of view.

So, what is your first feeling after this transfer? Relief, excitement?

It’s a bit of everything. There is above all relief because these last few weeks have been difficult to live with. One day I was in Grenoble, another in Sierre, another in Lausanne. I was hardly ever home for the past few months. I am therefore delighted to find a little stability, to be able to settle in a team and to be able to concentrate solely on hockey. This transfer will allow me to no longer think about my travels, where I will be the next day. It will allow me to have a longer term vision.

How did contacts with Langnau come about?

My agent looked at the possible options on the market. Langnau seemed very interested in my player profile, a profile that the club did not have in their team. I then had several meetings with the leaders and the Emmentalois coach, which went very well. They explained to me what they expected of me. I thought it could be a great opportunity, both for them and for me.

You mention Langnau’s expectations. What are they? And yours?

Personally, I want to rediscover the pleasure of playing and confidence. However, I must admit that I have already found these elements during my visits to Sierre. Seeing another environment, other people did me a lot of good. These passages kinda took my head out of the hole. In Lausanne, I couldn’t be completely free on ice. In Langnau, with confidence, surrounded by people who also give me confidence, I hope to prove that I can be a completely different player. I will try to show other facets than those that everyone knows. As for the leaders, they know that I am a fairly physical player, quite complete and that I can evolve in all game situations.

You have signed until the end of the season. Why such a short term contract?

I intend above all to relaunch myself, to show what I am capable of. I want to focus on this season because it will be important for me and my career. For now, in my career, I have only played in clubs (Ge/Servette, Lausanne) who were aiming for the top 4 of the championship. It was therefore complicated to have playing time. In Langnau, I will work to evolve in as many different situations as possible. I’m going to put myself in a bubble to think only of hockey.

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