Ice Hockey – Dominik Egli – Janis Moser: The All-Star Game


Led 1-0 in the pre-play-off series against « Rappi » (Best of 3), HC Bienne is no longer entitled to error. Star defenders Dominik Egli and Janis Moser will once again engage in an exciting duel this Friday in Rapperswil during Act II (7.45 p.m.).

Dominik Egli against Janis Moser, or the duel between two of the best Swiss defenders in the country.

Dominik Egli against Janis Moser, or the duel between two of the best Swiss defenders in the country.


Biel 0. Rapperswil 1. Dominik Egli 2.

Two, like the number of goals scored on Wednesday by Dominik Egli (22), the Rapperswil defender in the St. Welsh 1-2 victory after extra time at the Tissot Arena.

The Lakers right-hander sank his former team (he had played in the HCB for 23 matches in the 2018-2019 fiscal year) with two masterful cannon shots: a first slapshot to tie at 1-1 in the 16th minute, a second after 17 minutes of play in extra time. Game over.

Janis Moser (20) did not score, but he delivered a top-flight performance in the Zealand rearguard.

In the stands, the scout of HC Lugano, the Jurassien Julien Vauclair, attentively followed the performances of these two key players. Here is the « scouting report » of the former international defender, retired from the rinks since last spring.

About Janis Moser (Biel)

Janis Moser, HC Biel.

48 regular season games, 9 goals, 21 assists, 30 points.

Act I of the pre-play-off against Rapperswil: 26’48  » playing time, 0 points.

“He controlled the game. For a 20-year-old player, it was impressive ”

Julien Vauclair, scout at HC Lugano and ex-international

“He has everything to play in NHL: he is a ‘young Roman Josi’, and you shouldn’t be afraid of the comparison. At the same age, Josi was certainly more impactful offensively, because the quality of his shot was better and his skating was more dynamic. At only 20 years old, Janis Moser is already so complete. There is not much more to improve about him. He still has room for his shoot, that’s clear, and his explosiveness on the first three or four skates. For the rest, he is already on top. It is easy to skate, has good mobility and once it gets started it goes really fast. In the first act against Rapperswil on Wednesday, he controlled the game. It was impressive to see a young defender being so dominant. If he has the opportunity to go to NHL next season, as long as a club bets on him and decides to offer him a role commensurate with his qualities, namely to be a Top 4 defender there, then he he must jump at the chance. « 

Janis Moser, recently nominated in the All Star Team of the current championship, will he be an NHL player in fiscal year 2021-2022? This eventuality worries fans of HC Biel, who hope to be able to enjoy at least one more season of the “Wonder of Safnern” in the Zealand jersey.

« For now, it’s hard to say, » explains the Swiss international under contract in Biel until 2024 with a release clause for the best league in the world. I have to wait and see what happens in the next NHL Draft. Then it will be necessary to assess which is the best option for me. I have to wait for the draft anyway to see more clearly.  » This will take place quite late this year, on July 23.

Not drafted last June when he was yet eligible, Janis Moser should this time not escape the recruiters of organizations in North America. And if, despite everything, no NHL club chose him in his last year of eligibility, he would then become a « free agent ». In other words, he could himself choose his destination among the possible clubs interested in his services. Not a bad option either, after all. And if Moser leaves next season, the HCB would then have the opportunity to field a fifth foreigner to fill the void left by the Swiss international.

About Dominik Egli (Rapperswil)

Dominik Egli, Rapperswil.

Dominik Egli, Rapperswil.


« He’s an offensive thoroughbred with a big shot »

Julien Vauclair, scout at HC Lugano and ex-international

45 regular season games, 8 goals, 15 assists, 23 points.

Act I of the pre-play-off against Biel: 24’01  » playing time, 2 goals.

“Egli is an offensive thoroughbred. He has a very big shoot and superb offensive qualities. He’s not necessarily the kind of player you count on to defend a scoring lead in the dying minutes of a game. On the other hand, he can make you win a game thanks to the power of his shots and the quality of his offensive play. He’s a more explosive player than Janis Moser, but he’s less complete. He scored both of Rapperswil’s goals on Wednesday without being dominant in the game. He is a defender who knows how to use his qualities effectively. Especially in powerplay, where it is often decisive. « 

Dominik Egli – 51 points in 91 appearances with Rappi since his arrival in 2019 – has in a way been the “farewell gift” from sporting director Raeto Raffainer to his now ex-club, HC Davos. A canon transfer formalized on January 20, the same day Raffainer announced his surprise departure for CP Berne as Chief Sports Officer. Courted by the entire league, Dominik Egli has chosen to continue his career in the Grisons resort from the 2021-2022 season. He signed up until 2024 with the “Rekordmeister”, where he will succeed the emeritus defender Félicien Du Bois, now retired from hockey. The 22-year-old Thurgovian passed through HC Bienne from May 2018 to January 2019 (he then finished the season with his ex-club, Kloten). After a promising start in Zealand, however, Egli had failed to convince coach Antti Törmänen. It was only in Rapperswil, where coach Jeff Tomlinson gave him carte blanche in defense, that he finally revealed himself at the highest level.

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