Ice hockey: Axel Simic is in Kloten to finally explode


Ice HockeyAxel Simic is in Kloten to finally explode

A week before the restart, the 23-year-old Gruérien left Davos for the Airmen with a clear objective: to increase his playing time and earn a place in the top 6.

Axel Simic (number 56) has carved out a place for himself in the Kloten squad.

Axel Simic (number 56) has carved out a place for himself in the Kloten squad.

Claudio Thoma/freshfocus

Tuesday evening’s clash between Kloten and Lausanne was an opportunity to see the Gruérien Axel Simic evolve in his new colors against one of his former teams. Arrived a week before the resumption, the striker is already an important player for a newly promoted player, who showed great things both against Lausanne and against Rapperswil. “During the two meetings, we were in the game until the end. This point against Lausanne will do the team good morally,” said the winger after the game.

If the former LHC junior put down his skates at the stimo arena, it was with the aim of having more playing time. “We had been talking about a transfer with Davos for 2-3 months. With an additional foreign player in attack, I lost my place and the club did not want to pay me to be 13th striker, summed up the player who scored 15 points in 43 games in the Grisons jersey. As I come back from injury, I need to play to get back into the rhythm. With Dario Meyer injured, Kloten needed a Swiss striker. It’s a transfer that makes everyone a winner, » he said.

During the 2021-2022 season, Axel Simic played for Davos.

During the 2021-2022 season, Axel Simic played for Davos.

Claudio Thoma/freshfocus

A place in the top 6

It is obviously too early to draw conclusions, but this choice seems to be the right one for the moment. Axel Simic has integrated well into his new environment and is already playing in the first attacking trio with the Finns Miro Aaltonen and Arttu Ruotsalainen. “The guys are nice and they made me feel really welcome. Since I arrived late, I had to make a lot of videos to integrate myself into the system, detailed the main interested party. But in the end, it’s still hockey and in addition I play with two excellent players who make the game easier, « he said.

“I really lack precision in the last gesture. Scoring a goal would do me good.”

Axel Simic, striker from Kloten

Demoted to the second row during the third period against Lausanne, when his team pushed to equalize, he is aware that his place in the top 6 is not assured: « It’s nice to have this chance, now it’s up to me to do the job to stay there. You really have to start putting them in the back because it’s cool to play well, but the statistics count to last in the first two lines.

A shot on goal good for confidence

Tuesday against Lausanne, he benefited from significant ice time (18’13 », including 5’18 » in power-play) during which he created chances and found himself finishing several d between them (5 shots on target) without ever managing to conclude. “I really lack precision in the last gesture. Scoring a goal would do me good and it could get me going, ”announced the player who passed through the Quebec Junior League in 2016-2017.

In the meantime, a success in the game, the Fribourgeois temporarily kept his team in the match by scoring his shot on goal thanks to a superb feint: “It’s a movement that I often do and that I master. I had done it during the warm-up, so I felt good about it.

A first goal in Davos?

What will give him extra confidence? « Maybe we’ll have to see that this Friday against my old club, » he said with a smirk. On the occasion of his first trip of the season, the newly promoted goes to the ice of Davos.

For this duel, the former ZSC Lions player should finally be able to play with a flocked jersey. “I was told it would be done for Davos. I will find my number 28. With this nameless jersey, I could create the little surprise of the unknown player, it will no longer be possible, ”concluded an Axel Simic, laughing.

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