Ice hockey – Asselin in Ajoie: it gets stuck for 25,000 francs


According to our sources, the transfer of the Quebec right winger from Sierre to the Jura National League club comes up against the compensation amount requested by the Valais team.

Guillaume Asselin hopes to score goals in the National League next season.

Guillaume Asselin hopes to score goals in the National League next season.


Reminder of the facts: neo-promoted in the National League, HC Ajoie wishes to use the services of Guillaume Asselin (28 years old) for the 2021-2022 season.

A logical choice since the Quebec right winger of HC Sierre, in the Swiss League, has at least three arguments to seduce Gary Sheehyear, the coach of the Jura club.

First, the two men have known each other for 15 years and the coach appreciates the work ethic, talent and human qualities of a player who grew up in the same city as him, Quebec.

Then, during the two exercises spent in the red and yellow uniform of the HC Sierre, Asselin demonstrated that he produced constantly without being accompanied by a foreign center player. His 2020-2021 regular season record: 66 points (25 goals) enot 43 matches.

Finally, he demonstrated that he could perform at the highest Swiss level. When on loan to GE Servette. In five duels (including play-off), he hit the target six times.

The problem: Guillaume Asselin benefits from a one-year contractual agreement with HC Sierre, without a release clause.

Negotiations between the two clubs

According to our sources, the Ajoulots and the Sierrois have entered the negotiation phase.

On Tuesday, the management board of the central Valais club demanded a sum of 25,000 francs from the Jura team as compensation. The amount is much less than that which had been requested from the Swedish team of Rögle, whowas courted Asselin a few weeks ago (70,000 euros).

Also Tuesday, at the end of the day, the sporting director of HC Ajoie, Vincent Léchenne, replied that his company did not have the means to pay this amount.

« Doesn’t an AHL player aspire to the NHL? »

Guillaume Asselin, Quebec striker of HC Sierre

According to our information, the case could however be unblocked by the end of the week., while strategic meetings will be held in Sierre.

Guillaume Asselin flies to Montreal this Wednesday late morning. Joined at Cointrin airport, the two-time champion of Slovakia reiterates his wish to be able to skate in the National League. « I love Sierre. So far I’m there have really had a good time and had fun with the team. But I am a competitor. And a competitor always wants to go to the highest level.«  He images his speech with a reality drawn from his culture: « Doesn’t an AHL player aspire to the NHL?« 

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