Ice Breakers: Potential suspension gave teams a break on Evander Kane

Frank Seravalli has the latest on Evander Kane’s situation in the Ice Breakers segment of Thursday’s Daily Faceoff Show…

McKenna: “The last few days have been pretty crazy in the hockey world, talking about potential signings and one player in particular, Evander Kane.

“The NHL sent out a meme on Wednesday to all 32 teams specifically about Evander Kane. What did that say, what impact will that have on any team looking to sign him? »

Seravalli: “I think it really cooled things down. You think about the wave of interest that started earlier this week with Evander Kane officially becoming an unrestricted free agent on Sunday.

“I was told that up to 16 teams had spoken to Kane’s camp, he had conducted interviews with teams, there were calls from players from those teams trying to sign him. And then this memo comes out Wednesday from NHL headquarters, which basically says the league has launched an independent investigation that will now look into exactly what happened with Kane’s cross-border travel over the holiday season.

“What is alleged is that Kane tested positive for COVID-19 on December 21 while playing for the San Jose Barracuda of the AHL and then entered Canada on a return trip on December 29 on a flight. This violates the rules and regulations of Canada’s Quarantine Act and therefore would also be out of order to travel without medical clearance in accordance with the NHL’s COVID-19 protocol. Kane was still under contract with the NHL at the time, so they have jurisdiction.

“The interesting part of the memo was that the league was suggesting (and I printed the memo in its entirety on Daily Faceoff) that Kane may be subject to an NHL disciplinary hearing with the commissioner. Gary Bettman if they had any facts here that establishes that he did indeed violate protocol again.

“So why is it important? Well, Kane has already been suspended for a major COVID violation on October 18 for 21 games to start the season. He lost nearly $1.8 million in salary for submitting a fake COVID vaccination card.

“Mike, you’ve been around a long time, you know how the NHL discipline system works. If he did indeed have another major violation, we could be dealing with a 21-game suspension like the first time, what does the second look like?

« It’s all hypothetical at this point, but that’s what got teams thinking. What if you’re considering a 40-game suspension for Evander Kane? Would teams still want to sign him?

You can watch the full episode here…

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