Ice Breakers: Eric Staal among three players still unsigned, remaining with team on PTO

As the 2022-23 NHL season officially kicks off, Daily face-to-face Frank Seravalli and Mike McKenna appeared Thursday on Daily face-to-face live to look at the last remaining pro tries in the league and the likelihood of them turning into contracts.

Mike McKenna: “One thing I’ve been involved with in my career is PTOs – professional testing. Many of them in the NHL this year. Some turned into contracts, but there are still several left in the NHL. Who are they and what does that look like perhaps on the contract front for them? »

Frank Seravalli: « Yeah, so there were 42 guys that came into camp for tryouts this year. A number of them got contracts. We saw Zach Aston-Reese in Toronto, we saw Calvin de Haan in Carolina , there’s been a whole bunch of them. But there are three guys who are still up in the air who don’t have any deals yet and haven’t been released from their PTO either. They include Eric Staal in Florida, Artem Anisimov in Philadelphia and Rocco Grimaldi in Anaheim.

« The Eric Staal deal is quite interesting and it actually ties Staal and Anisimov together a bit, in that there’s a familiarity with the coach. Paul Maurice, he knows Eric’s style quite well from his days in Carolina, and in this case his brother Marc Staal is on the Panthers blue line Eric Staal didn’t quite earn a contract, they liked what they saw of him in camp but they didn’t don’t have the space to go out and sign it in. They have $0 in cap space.

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« In the meantime, Eric Staal, who didn’t play in the league last year, will continue to play with the team in training, hoping that they can win this contract. They will be patient with him and see if a cap space will develop and see if it’s needed.Given that familiarity with his brother there and the coaching staff, he feels pretty comfortable that something could potentially work.

« As for Anisimov, he broke his foot in camp, but of course he played for John Tortorella before, so they have that story. They’re going to give him time to heal his foot and then see if he wins a contract after that. I imagine given that he stays with the team, he probably has a good chance of making it. And Grimaldi was offered an AHL PTO, not that different from what Jason Demers did with the Oilers, going down to Bakersfield, they would like to keep him in the organization in San Diego in the AHL and it’s up to him whether that will happen or not.

Mike McKenna: “The Eric Staal kind of reminds me of Justin Williams and Carolina, you know? Stick around for a little while and then eventually decide to play maybe halfway through, maybe a cap space that opens up, so we’ll see what those players do. It’s good that they have an avenue.

You can listen to the full episode of Daily face-to-face live below.

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