“I would put LeBron James back in place”


LeBron James has a special status in the league, so few players oppose him. However, a point guard declared that he would be perfectly capable of it… and even that it could be beneficial to the Lakers. What convinces them to recruit him?

With finances blocked by their Big Three and a fairly low rating following the fiasco that was the 2021-22 season (33-49), the Lakers must prepare for a complicated offseason. Unless you get rid of one of the three superstars, Russell Westbrook being the priority in this perspective, it seems complicated to strengthen itself with good players, since otherwise they will only have small contracts to offer. The good news is that several athletes have already expressed their interest, in particular Patrick Beverley.

Indeed, the leader of the Timberwolves is coming to the end of his contract, and it seems that he really wants to play with the angelino franchise. He had recently stated thathe wouldn’t hesitate for a second if they called him, that is to say. During an interview with Stephen A. Smith on ESPN, he also did it again with a new attempt at seduction after the front office. His point? He could bring leadership to the team, thus offering a challenge to LeBron James :

Patrick Beverley thinks he can be a leader at the Lakers

I’m not discrediting LeBron, but he does so much… Who is their leader behind him? Who says to LeBron, “Hey LeBron, you have to do something else. That’s not going to help you. You should do that instead. » Nobody tells him that. Not on a regular basis anyway. I’m going to tell everyone because I want to win, even if it means putting it back in place.

If we can wonder if the former Clipper would not do a little too much on this one, he however points the finger at an interesting subject: who is the vocal leader of the Purples and Golds, behind the Chosen One? For the moment, it is difficult to find an answer. Anthony Davis does not appear to be a credible candidate, let alone Westbrook. No one has just stood up to No. 6, the squad’s undisputed boss… which can have serious drawbacks.

Indeed, this means that his decisions are only too rarely questioned, and such domination has something to affect very negatively the progress of the team as such. An inveterate barker, PatBev would certainly be a client of choice to improve this sector. Whether at the local rival or in Minnesota, the guard was appreciated for his way of interacting with the locker room. LBJ would therefore have a guarantor there, which could prove intriguing… provided that the two men do not jump at each other’s throats.

Patrick Beverley continues to play his seduction operation with the Lakers, he who obviously very much wants to play there. To see, however, if behaving in this way with LeBron James would be particularly effective.


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