« I would prefer us to be even more bubbly, but we have 24 points, that’s good, » said Haise


The Lensois coach takes stock after the victory against MHSC on Saturday evening (1-0), during the 11th day of L1.

Franck Haise (coach of Lens, Montpellier winner) : “There was no tension before the match, but the desire to be reassured after the derby (lost to Lille) and that’s what we did. During the first half hour, it lacked a lot of movement even if the boys wanted to start strong. There was a little too much security in our game. We weren’t on top of our offensive animation in the first half hour. We had a better second half. The entrants are there to bring something to the team and they did it well.

A season is rarely linear, I would prefer us to be even more sparkling, but we have 24 points after eleven days and we have a fifth clean sheet so that’s good. Opponents don’t open up when they come to Bollaert so it’s up to us to be a little fairer.»


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