« I would have traded it for a box of cookies two months ago! » « 

The truth of summer doesn’t always hold true during the NBA season. This is particularly true at the Warriors, where a player put into trade rumors makes the franchise happy at the start of the campaign!

They were few, at the time of delivering their predictions for the current season, to see them so high after fifteen games played. Best team in the league with a record of 13 wins for 2 losses, the Warriors are placed as one of the biggest surprises at the start of the year. A label that they obviously owe to their conductor Steph Curry, currently in Olympic form.

The Chef’s crazy performances should not, however, make us forget the significant contribution of his teammates. Moreover, it is Golden State as a whole that leaves Stephen A. Smith in admiration. A few days ago, the famous ESPN analyst was simply making Dubs… the future 2022 NBA champions. A hot take that he confirmed this Thursday on the set of First Take.

There is Steph Curry who shoots 95% on throws and over 40% at 3 points, Jordan Poole who turns 93% on throws and is also very good at the perimeter. These guys are moving without a ball. They play together. In addition, they have one of the top three defenses in the league, and they are exceptionally well coached by Steve Kerr, Mike Brown and their coaching staff. So I have all the rights to say, in November, that they will go to the Finals!

Smith returns his jacket to Andrew Wiggins

In addition to the individual cases of Curry and Poole, SAS wished to dwell somewhat on that of… Andrew Wiggins. After having demanded his departure during the controversy related to his non-vaccination, the journalist reviewed his position on the case, impressed by the good performances of the Canadian.

There is Steph Curry, Klay who will be back, Jordan Poole who has passed a milestone, Andrew Wiggins who is a hit at the moment… Besides, let’s give him love. Two months ago, I would have traded it for a box of cookies. I don’t see it that way anymore. He corrected the shot and he is a hit.

All this, before in turn praising the other key elements of Steve Kerr’s rotation, which also deserve their praise in the current context.

Draymond Green suddenly starts to register his shots from distance, Wiseman and Klay will come back, there are Gary Payton II, Damion Lee and Juan Toscano-Anderson coming off the bench. Finally, are you kidding me ?!

Convinced that he had nothing more to do in Oakland last September, Stephen A. Smith had to review his copy concerning Andrew Wiggins. Congratulations to Mapple Jordan, who was able to convert one of his biggest detractors!

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