I would have liked Ferrari to stay in the race for the title

On the way to winning his second World Championship well before the end of the season, Max Verstappen regrets no longer being under pressure from Ferrari.

Leader of the championship with 116 points ahead of his nearest pursuer, Max Verstappen is in a more than comfortable position to pick up his second title of World Champion. The Dutchman had however started the year on the wrong foot, dropping out twice in the first three races and trailing Charles Leclerc by 46 points on the evening of the Australian Grand Prix. But a series of six consecutive podiums, including five victories, helped him regain control while Leclerc and Ferrari chained disappointments.

Vestappen is certainly delighted not to be plunged back into the high tension of 2021, but part of the Red Bull driver laments the tumble of his rivals.

« In a way, I wish [Ferrari] always be in the fight [pour le titre] »he admitted. « For me, of course, it’s nice to win [le titre] in a calmer way, but what’s good to see is that they’re already very competitive this year compared to the last few years, I think that’s what F1 needed. »

Max Verstappen is ahead of the Ferraris of Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz.

It is mathematically possible that Verstappen is titled this weekend, at the Singapore Grand Prix, but to do this the Dutchman must imperatively triumph and count on a poor performance from Charles Leclerc and Sergio Pérez. But since the characteristics of the layout do not highlight the qualities of the RB18, Verstappen does not have too many illusions and would prefer to be crowned two weeks later, in Japan, in Honda’s garden.

« I don’t really think about it, it’s unlikely to happen. I just want to enjoy the weekend and of course try to win [le titre]. I think it would be better in Japan. I need a lot of luck to make it here [à Singapour]. So I’m not really counting on that. »

« At the moment it’s a little hard to say what position we’ll be in. It’s been a long time since we’ve been here [à Singapour]. Also, it’s a bit of an unknown with these new tires [18 pouces]. I think our car might be suitable [au circuit] a little better than in Monaco, for example. »

Although Red Bull has won 12 Grands Prix out of the 16 contested so far, a 75% success rate, the red bull has struggled more in qualifying having only taken six pole positions. And given that the Marina Bay circuit is located in town, which makes overtaking opportunities more difficult, the team’s focus will be on qualifying simulations, in order to start in an advantageous position.

« We really need to focus [sur la performance] on one turn. This year, I don’t think we’ve ever really excelled on a lap. We’ve always been good in racing, but here we know that lap performance is really important. »concluded Verstappen.

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