“I would be willing to trade LeBron James for Victor Wembanyama”

Two weeks after his recital delivered in the United States, Victor Wembanyama remains at the heart of the debates on the NBA planet. A leader has notably affirmed in recent hours that he would not hesitate to exchange LeBron James to acquire the Frenchman!

Although he hasn’t played a single game on American soil since the beginning of the month, and will not do so until next year, he still manages to steal the show from some big league stars. . Victor Wembanyama still continues to make people talk on the NBA circuit, where he really made a strong impression during his recent stay in the United States.

Having come in large numbers to be able to judge his talent and his potential with their own eyes, the emissaries of the various franchises were not disappointed by the spectacle offered by the young French interior. It would even have been necessary 5 minutes to the latter to get everyone to agree. So much so that some stars would not be safe from trading with him in the future!

LeBron James not untouchable for Victor Wembanyama

Always at the heart of discussions in the American media, Wembanyama was recently the subject of an article by David Aldridge, where the latter reports in the columns of The Athletic the words of several leaders about it. One of them, for example, listed the only players he would refuse to trade for the Frenchie:

Giannis. Ja. Luka. Booker. And Jokic. All those.

A Western executive delivered a similar list, which he purposely excludes… LeBron James !

Who would I refuse to trade? There would be (Kevin) Durant. There would be Giannis. I would trade LeBron, just for his age. There would also be Curry, Jokic and Embiid. I would say that the franchises would in any case have the obligation to have this discussion. I think it deserves to be thought about.

If the King of course has nothing left to prove in the league, and despite the fact that his level remains impressive after 19 contested seasons, his 37 years should be taken into account. Thus, it would be better in the mind of this executive to recover a huge prospect like Wembanyama, likely to dominate over the next 20 years, than to keep a LeBron near retirement.

The idea of ​​parting with such a counterparty to get their hands on Wemby does not seem so far-fetched in the league, since another high-ranking member of a Western team has gone so far as to mention … their children :

Would I give you my top three players? Yes sir. I won’t give you my firstborn, but the rest of all those little assholes, they’re on the list.

LeBron will be able to shoot 35 points per game this season, but he will still be likely to be traded in exchange for Victor Wembanyama because of his relative old age. A new clue, if one was needed, of the huge rating available to the V in the NBA!

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