« I will probably disappear from the media for a month », says Wembanyama after his two Summer League games


After making his debut for the San Antonio Spurs at the Summer League in Las Vegas, Victor Wembanyama declared his desire to take a media break.

Victor Wembanyama wants to get away from the media whirlwind in which he has been carried away since his arrival on American soil. After his second Summer League match with the San Antonio Spurs on the night of Sunday to Monday, where he set the record straight after a contrasting first outing two days earlier, the No. 1 of the last draft made part of his desire to focus on his preparation for the next NBA season.

« Most of my schedule over the last few days hasn’t even been dedicated to basketball and that’s unfortunate, » said the former Boulogne-Levallois player after scoring 27 points and 12 rebounds against the Portland Trail Blazers. There are a lot of non-basketball obligations that surprised me, especially in the media. Sometimes you even have a camera that follows you into your room. »

« These months will change my life »

« I need to sit down with Gregg Popovich (Spurs coach) to find out what the next few months will look like, continued Wembanyama. When will I be able to go on vacation, when will I resume training, at what place, in San Antonio or elsewhere… Since I’m not going to play the World Cup, I have two to three months – two to three very good months – which are coming. These months are going to change my life, and I will probably disappear from the media for a month, » he concluded.

Since arriving in the United States three weeks ago, Wembanyama has had no respite. Between the madness in the streets of New York just before his draft, the multiple media obligations following his selection in first position by the Spurs, his welcome as a rockstar in San Antonio or even the controversy linked to the incident between Britney Spears and the he member of his security service, Wembanyama never blew.

By refusing to join the France team to compete in the World Cup, Wembanyama has significantly lightened his summer schedule. Spurs’ first preseason game is scheduled for early October, while the NBA regular season kicks off on October 24.

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