« I will never say no to the NHL »

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« I will never say no to the NHL » © Charly Rappo

« I will never say no to the NHL » © Charly Rappo

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You prefer…

Ice Hockey. Before returning to Freiburg two years ago, Canada’s David Desharnais played 575 NHL games for Montreal, Edmonton and the New York Rangers.

Do you prefer… The Christian Dubé Minister of Health of Quebec or the Christian Dubé Minister of the Gottéron cloakroom?

The Fribourgeois! I don’t particularly like the way the pandemic is managed in Quebec …

The Gottéron logo or that of the Montreal Canadiens?

I opt for the original, so Montreal, even if the two are very similar (laughs).

Go head-to-head against Carey Price or Reto Berra?

Both are hard to beat … I

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