“I will never let him go to the Lakers! I am not crazy ! »

If the Lakers chain a second consecutive season without playoffs, and they are well on their way to, the reputation of the franchise risks taking a big hit. Players will be more and more hesitant to join California, and this is already the case, the proof with this statement about a young All Star which could have been attempted.

The Lakers’ start to the season may be poor with 13 wins, 18 losses and a 13th place finish in the Western Conference, but the franchise remains one of the most prestigious in the league, and there is no doubt that they will remain in the league. news until the end of the season. The Purple and Gold should also be in all the rumors, even if it would take much more than a simple exchange to save the furniture.

But are the Lakers still a popular destination for NBA players? Is entering the Darvin Ham system an argument capable of convincing certain stars? If the prestige of the jersey is still present, the uncertain sporting aspect could have a negative impact on recruitment. Rob Pelinka no longer necessarily has many cards in hand to shake up the market.

LaVar Ball refuses to see LaMelo at the Lakers!

Moreover, even though they did not ask for anything in this file, the Lakers have just taken a hell of a wind from a young All-Star. Finally, from his entourage rather. Indeed, during an interview with the site Complex, LaVar Ball was asked about a possible arrival of LaMelo in the City of Angels, his hometown, and the father’s response was unequivocal.

Complex: You hear the rumors and speculation that LaMelo is bound to come back to the West Coast one day, that he’ll play for the Lakers? When we know how the story ended with Lonzo, would you agree to see Melo in Los Angeles?

LaVar Ball: Damn no, I will never let him go to the Lakers! They betrayed my son Lonzo and they think I’ll come back with the others? If I do that I’m going crazy.

Complex: So you wouldn’t want LaMelo at the Lakers?

LaVar Ball: No. I wanted him to go before they sank our trust. You’re getting rid of Lonzo and you think you’ve got my All-Star son? I’m not that stupid.

A few years ago, LaVar Ball openly dreamed of bringing his three sons to the Lakers, and admittedly, LaMelo’s creativity would do well around LeBron James, as would LiAngelo’s outside address. Unfortunately for the fans, the dream of seeing the young All-Star point guard is already dead, since the father of the family refuses to do business with executives who traded Lonzo without scruple. Who knows, maybe Melo’s willpower will be stronger than LaVar’s pressure…

Rather discreet lately, LaVar Ball has just delivered an interview which resembles him and which recalls the beginning of Lonzo’s career in Los Angeles. But because his son was traded for Anthony Davis, LaVar now refuses to to negotiate anything with the Lakers. He will do anything to prevent LaMelo from returning to his hometown if necessary.

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