« I was too strong for MLS »: Zlatan Ibrahimovic talks about his American epic… in his style

Zlatan will remain Zlatan until the end. In the midst of a fight for the title in the Italian championship with his AC Milan team, the Swedish giant opened up during an interview for the American media ESPN. He notably returned to his period in the local championship, the MLS. And according to him, even at 36 years old at the time, it was too easy.

« I was happy there, I felt alive. But the problem is that precisely, I felt too alive, and therefore too strong for the MLS. I might come back one day to remind them what real football is“, added the one who will have played two seasons with the Los Angeles Galaxy, for a total of 53 goals in 58 games.

And even more than that, Zlatan Ibrahimovic thinks he is simply « the best player in the history of MLS ». « It’s the truth, I don’t think American fans will ever see anything else like it. And I say it without ego, without trying to show off« .

That’s not Zlatan’s style, let’s see.

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