« I was devastated at that time, forced to take drugs »


NBA players are privileged people who have the chance to have turned their passion into a profession, and a profession that pays extraordinarily well, moreover. But all is not rosy in the lives of these top athletes. Some have slack, this is particularly the case of a French.

Life as an NBA player is not always easy … Between the incessant movements, the states of form which can vary, or even the many criticisms after a poor performance, the mental health of the athletes is put to severe test throughout the game. ‘year. While more and more players are opening up to this level by talking openly about their concerns, the majority are still silent.

And there’s one thing that can have a huge impact on celebrity morale: injuries. What could be worse for an athlete than to see his teammates play, fight, shine, during a long phase of rehabilitation. From one day to the next, a talent can be deprived of his passion and his profession for several months, which is particularly hard to swallow for these men programming for the competition.

This is unfortunately what Joakim Noah experienced during his stay in New York … After signing a huge contract in his hometown, the tricolor pivot was expected as the messiah by Knicks supporters. But due to injuries, he was never able to live up to his status as former Defender of the Year, something which was difficult to deal with. He explained his descent into hell in the KnuckleHead Podcast.

I was totally dead in New York. You see what I mean ? I was hurt. I had to deal with three injuries at the same time, I was taking drugs to be able to deal with the pain. I was completely dead. It was my daily life there. And it’s not easy to get out of it. Unfortunately, many athletes have to go through these dark times.

People think athletes just have surgery and voila. But we must try to go up the slope morally too. The doctors would say to me, “Oh, it’s okay, he’s going to come back in four or six weeks.  » What are they talking about ? I have to rub shoulders with the strongest and fastest athletes in the world, and I’m totally dead. I can’t move my shoulder, can’t move my knee, it was too hard.

Joakim Noah must not keep fond memories of his time in New York, the fault of injuries and medication. If this interview will not soften the pain of Knicks fans, it at least allows to highlight an aspect far too often forgotten in these athletes: mental difficulties.

Joakim Noah could not do without his medication during his time at the Knicks, which is not necessarily a good thing for a top athlete. The fans regret this passage, the player too.


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