« I was as great a player as Michael Jordan, that’s all »

Apart from LeBron James who tried (without much success) to proclaim himself GOAT during the winter of 2018, no one has questioned the supremacy of Michael Jordan in recent years.. A period now over, since a former close to His Majesty loudly proclaims to be as good as him …

Does Michael Jordan have an equivalent in terms of domination and talent between the lines of an NBA floor? For the majority of fans and observers, the answer is no. But the legendary number 23 sees a new competitor emerge, and one he knows particularly well: Scottie Pippen. Having gone on a crusade against his ex-acolyte, Pip has not hesitated to destroy him on all sides for several months.

Obviously frustrated by all these years in MJ’s shadow, the winger went wild after The Last Dance aired and never ends. knock out the six-fold MVP of the Finals. A trend that seems irreversible as the native of Arkansas has decided not to hold back his blows… even if it means flirting with the yellow line.

Scottie Pippen claims to be as good as Michael Jordan

Days after belittling Jordan’s legendary « Flu Game » by claiming that he had a back injury that night and was more deserving of it, Pippen takes it one step further. And his words are strong, failing to really hit the mark:

The message I want to get across? I just want to clear it up, and let people know that I was as good a player as Michael Jordan. Only one person can win the MVP, okay, but there you go. That’s all.

This time around, without offending Pip and his impressive CV, the string might be a bit thick.

Of course, no one denies that he is an exceptional player, in many ways the pioneer of an athletic “point forward” role, and he did not steal his place in the top 50 and then 75. NBA history. However, without Michael jordan, Pippen never demonstrated his ability to win, or even reach the Finals. A crippling task to dare such words.

Besides, it’s hard to imagine Pip being such a prolific scorer in the first option, or a “killer” as relentless as Jordan in the playoffs – and again, there are plenty of examples. In short, those repeated messages might just slowly slip from a legitimate anger to a bitterness that is a little laughable in the eyes of the fans, but the winger doesn’t seem to really care.

Scottie Pippen keeps going after Michael Jordan to sell his book, and he’s probably starting to go a bit far to stay credible. In any case, the relationship between the two former accomplices should remain marred for very long years after the sequence …

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