« I was a victim twice », Kheira Hamraoui confides in his « ordeal », ten months after his attack

Ten months after his attack, Kheira Hamraoui spoke in a long interview broadcast on BFM TV, Friday, September 23. Emue, the player of Paris Saint-Germain and the French team confided in « The calvary« that she lived and still lives, letting out a few tears.

« I’m still stunned by everything that’s going on around this case that is devastating me and my family.“, she said. You mustn’t forget that I was beaten up by hooded men with iron bars and that, overnight, I was made to pass for the culprit.« .

Kheira Hamraoui came out of her silence a week after the indictment for « aggravated violence » and « conspiracy“of her teammate Aminata Diallo, who drove her home on November 4, 2021, the evening of the attack, and who is now suspected of being the sponsor.

After suffering these blows, which deliberately targeted his legs and which earned him six days of ITT, Kheira Hamraoui had missed football matches with his club and the France team. Very quickly, the investigation was oriented towards a settling of scores after a relationship with ex-footballer Eric Abidal. Many rumors about the love life of the PSG player then circulated on social networks.

« My only goal today is for everyone to realize that I was really the victim. »

« I felt like I was victimized twice. The smear campaign [que j’ai subie] was just as powerful as my aggression« , insisted Kheira Hamraoui, who also had a very bad experience of the handling of the case by her club. Initially not invited when training resumed before the start of the 2022-2023 season, the latter had to involve a bailiff to be reinstated in the professional group.

« I’ve been training alone on the pitch for seven weeks, it’s a double penalty for me. (…) Yesterday (Wednesday), I went to see a match of my teammates and I realized that my jersey number had been given to another player »castigated Hamraoui, whose contract with the capital club runs until June 2023 and who still does not know if she will carry over the colors of PSG. I deserve a little respect from everyone and mainly from my club« .

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