“I was a little stressed at the start of the race”

Louis Delétraz, how was this first stint at Daytona?

Alright, that was longer than expected. I stayed 3h10 in the car, they must have estimated that it was not too bad. To be honest, I was a little stressed at the start of the race. Even though I’ve already done it in LM P2, there are a lot of manufacturers and levels in GTP. It’s no joke. It went very well. I started slowly, I gained confidence and we were finally very fast.

We have shifted in strategy compared to the others, in particular Meyer Shank Racing. I had a lot of fun overtaking the two Porsches and the other Acura. It was cool to take the lead, as I said there is a big level in GTP. The feedback I’ve got is positive, but that’s just the beginning. Taking the lead in GTP for my first laps in LMDh is not bad! It’s really fun.

How did it go with the traffic?

There were two or three somewhat caudal moments with GTs that couldn’t see us. It’s part of Daytona, but I had to apply the brakes at one point against a Porsche and Mathieu Jaminet (Porsche n°6) reacted very well to avoid me. There had to be two at that time.

How are you with reliability?

For the moment, nothing to report, but it can very quickly. We ask ourselves questions at the slightest suspicious noise with the electronics.

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