« I want to come back with the status of a great EuroLeague player »

Since the start of the season, Elie Okobo has been enjoying ASVEL’s heyday in EuroLeague and in the championship. His performances did not go unnoticed across the Atlantic and that’s good because the Frenchie is counting on making a place for himself under the sun of Uncle Sam.

No offense to Kylian Mbappé, Elie Okobo is the Frenchman who plants the most in the European Cup. The leader of ASVEL is simply grandiose in EuroLeague and he averages 19.6 points in eleven games, which makes him the leading scorer in the Old Continent. Add to that 3.5 rebounds and 3.5 assists and you have one of the best players on the tour. And wait, we forgot something, his success percentage at three points: 51% of the refreshment bar, put down that ball Steph you still have a lot to learn… The 24-year-old leader is having a blast, Tony Parker plays mentor and ASVEL is eighth among the greats of Europe with six victories for five defeats, it is a sentence that should not hesitate to reread in the event of a drop in morale. In short, it’s zizir for someone who has had complicated years in the States, alternating between injuries, benches and G League. However, Elie does not regret having tried his luck in the NBA as he confided to HoopsHype:

“There are probably things I could have done better, there are also things that I couldn’t control. But you know, I’m not going to say « if this » or « if that », I’m just moving on. I always draw the positive from every situation. And it helps me become who I am now. « 

Drafted in 31st position by the Suns in 2018, the Frenchie then arrived in a team that was rebuilding itself and, even if for two years it made some nice clearings, the change of status of the Cactus made him pack up after the 2019-20 season. Then ensued a freelance in G League on the side of the Long Island Nets and an ankle injury. TP then flies to Okobo’s rescue and offers him a contract at ASVEL with NBA Champion Kostas Antetokounmpo. The rest, we know it. When you are one of the biggest artists of the moment in Europe, inevitably the sirens of the American dream are heard and Elie Okobo will therefore go on tour in the footsteps of Johnny Hallyday ensures that he keeps the NBA in a corner of his head:

“I haven’t really set any goals for a return schedule, deadline or whatever. I want to improve, be ready, and I want to make sure that I don’t go back to the NBA as a rookie, I want to set a certain standard, I want to come back with the status of a great EuroLeague player. Obviously I want to have a long career in the NBA, but for now I’m focusing on my team and myself. « 

Translation: we first do some dirty work with ASVEL and then we will prove to the ricans what we are capable of. It is clear, clean and precise and we hope with all our hearts that our national Elijah one day finds the floors of the NBA with a good role, that is to say: titular leader who helps his team to reach the heights.

Who said that you are not a prophet in your country? Elie Okobo proves the opposite and is wreaking havoc with the ASVEL jersey. Big performances and big boost of confidence for the leader who intends to come back to bombard the circus of Uncle Silver one day or another.

Text Source: HoopsHype.

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