“I think I am the best striker in the league”

NBA players are not lacking in self-confidence, an All-Star has just proven it once again. While his team is not even in the qualifying places for the playoffs, this star announced to be the best attacker of the league!

For many years, fans complained that everything in the NBA was done to make forwards shine. To restore interest in regular season games, the league has therefore decided to give defenders more freedom, particularly in terms of contact, but nothing changes: the best attackers in the league are still just as dominant and effective. . In fact, some have never even been that strong.

For example, Joel Embiid is currently averaging 29.1 points, his career best mark. Kevin Durant, before his knee injury, was also on the verge of an extraordinary season, with 29.3 points scored per evening, all at 52% success, which is mind-blowing for a winger who shoots so much and takes so many difficult shots . And then a man, to whom hell was announced with the new rules, is also enjoying himself.

Trae Young hits the Suns, and drops a shock statement

Indeed, Trae Young is establishing himself as one of the best point guards in the NBA with 28.1 average points and 9.2 assists. Moreover, after his 43-point card against the hot Suns on Thursday, he was asked about his current form. And it is clear that Ice Trae does not lack self-confidence, despite his team’s place in the standings!

Journalist : Do you think you are the best striker in the whole league?

Trae Young: I don’t necessarily think about it every day, I’m more focused on my team and I try to win matches… But if you look at the matches and the statistics, yes. I sincerely think that it is very difficult to defend on me, who can find my teammates or score alone.

In defeating the Suns, Trae Young joined Michael Jordan, LeBron James or Shaquille O’Neal on the short list of players under 24 with at least 20 40-point games scored, it’s well worth this statement full of confidence. If his Hawks are still in their infancy, proves to him on an individual level that his incredible playoff campaign was not an anomaly, but his real level.

Trae Young struggles to carry his Hawks to the heights of the conference Is, despite having an excellent period, but he is well aware of his individual strength. In recent weeks, it is very difficult to prove him wrong: he is perhaps one of the best in the NBA.

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