I tested for you: do a Formula 1 race on a simulator at the Foire de Châlons

After clairvoyance and lightsabers, I slip into Charles Leclerc’s single-seater to try to win my first Formula 1 Grand Prix.

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Lewis Hamilton, Sergio Perez and Max Verstappen are ahead of me. They are my targets. I am Charles Leclerc, the Monegasque from Scuderia Ferrari. My objective ? Get the best start, and keep pole position. But before all that, the installation.

Surely the most complicated step of the activity that I am testing for you today. So first of all, allow me a bit of clothing advice: tap shoes and long dresses are avoided for the Formula 1 simulator. to position yourself in the single-seater.

Back pressed into the seat, feet stretched out to the pedals, I’m ready to take the start. On the grid, I am in fourth position. The five lamps light up one by one, to start the countdown before the start, like a real Grand Prix. I hear the engines of my opponents rumbling. Mine even more. Normal. There are several speakers around me. Everything seems so real. The tension is growing. All the lights go out. Starting signal ! I press the accelerator pedal, my gear ratios increase as quickly as I end up in the wall, from the first corner. Disappointment. Am I not a good pilot?

Settling into the single-seater is part of the exercise.  Immersion guaranteed.
Settling into the single-seater is part of the exercise. Immersion guaranteed.

They offered me a second try. Same protocol. Same mental preparation. A few pieces of advice were given to me before the start of the race.  » Don’t go too fast in the turns « ,  » etry to follow the green trajectory », « uno longer use the brake », I can hear in my ear, between the purrs of the cars. Second start. I go for it, but with more parsimony. One bend, two bends, and a third too! I imagine the delirious crowd cheering Charles Leclerc (me) as he sees him go up his rivals one by one. But sometimes virtual reality embraces real life, and Charles Leclerc (always me, unfortunately) makes a mistake and ends up in the wall. Nothing broken don’t worry, except my ego, once again.

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