« I tell my son not to do what I did with LeBron »

LeBron James wasn’t always that blameless leader that he has been with the Cavaliers and then the Lakers for several years. During his time with the Heat he was younger, but above all more arrogant. The proof, he regularly made fun of his opponents, something a former teammate strongly regrets.

Dwyane Wade is undoubtedly a very proud father at the start of the season. Indeed, after several complicated years and in particular a hectic start from Sierra Canyon, his elder Zaire made his big debut in the professional world. So it is not in the NBA, the league in which he shone, but in the G League on the side of Salt Lake City, a team affiliated with Jazz. And at only 19 years old, the room for improvement is still good.

Dwyane Wade regrets the mockery against Dirk Nowitzki

Whatever happens, Zaire will be able to count on his father’s advice, and god knows he must have some to distill. During his career Flash has known everything, and especially frantic races for the Larry O’Brien trophy. And if there is one that he will share with pleasure, it is to remain humble in all circumstances … In 2011, Dwyane Wade and LeBron James openly laughed at Dirk Nowitzki sick during the Finals, and they paid dearly for it. D-Wade tells in the Washington post.

The cough incident was simply a youthful mistake. We took something that we didn’t think was serious, when it was for Dirk and his health, and we decided to make fun of him like children. We wanted to do something to entertain people and play with the camera. I hate looking at these pictures today. I tell my son not to do what I did with LeBron…

It was not a personal attack on Dirk, rather it was the media trying to create stories out of thin air. We were laughing because we were like, « Ok, Nowitzki is sick, what other excuse are you going to find to justify his defeat? » « . It became a big story when we weren’t thinking badly at the time. We accepted the criticism and moved forward.

Several Mavericks players made it clear that there was a before and after in these Finals. From the moment the German legend saw the mockery of the two Heat stars, she made it her mission to bring them down, done with the way in what will long remain as one of the biggest surprises in history . Dwyane Wade may regret, he will never recover this 2011 title…

Dwyane Wade and LeBron James were too pretentious in 2011 and got caught by a huge Dirk Nowitzki… Fortunately for them they learned the lesson and offered themselves a brace in the next two seasons.

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