« I show that diabetics can play sports »: like the pros, this teenager from Puteaux will complete his Tour de France on the Champs-Elysées

The last step. The Champs-Élysées. Sunday. Like the pros, Hakaroa Vallée will end his Tour de France by driving on the most beautiful avenue in the world. Three hours before the peloton. As a scout. The Puteaux teenager is impatiently awaiting his last pedal strokes. “It’s going to be exceptional. With the public who will be there, it will be incredible. And that will show that we did it. « 

The 16-year-old high school student, type 1 diabetic, took up his challenge with flying colors. He took the start of the Big Loop, in tandem with Jean-Luc Perez, professor of physics and chemistry and champion of ultracycling, one day before the professional riders. Objective: to raise awareness against the discrimination suffered by people suffering from diabetes.

“The challenge is won, rejoices the teenager. I show that diabetics can play sports, even at a high level ”. Without difficulty. “I always have my phone and my insulin pump in my pocket. If I see that my blood sugar is too high, I roll a little more, and if I am too low, I eat a little fruit paste. « 

« Avocado sandwiches imposed by Jean-Luc, not by my diabetes »

His illness does not impose any special diet on him. “I eat avocado sandwiches every lunchtime, for recovery and to give me energy. But it’s because of Jean-Luc, not because of diabetes, ”smiles the young man. The tandem has also become a real duo. “He tells me when I have to refuel, we talk to calibrate the effort together. Jean-Luc is an exceptional person. « 

These thousands of kilometers traveled – which Hakaroa Vallée also converts into a donation for the Pasteur Institute – will leave her with memories in her head. “France is super beautiful. We crossed different landscapes and frankly, everything is beautiful. « Helmet on your head and eyes wide open when it was rolling, » we were able to take advantage of it, « said the high school student. The hardest part was inevitably the mountain stages. « Céret-Andorra, more than 100 km of climb », the pain can still be heard in his voice. “Physically, the three mountain stages caused damage. We begin to feel it in the legs. What keeps him going?  » The mental. The team. Supports. »Unwavering, throughout this journey. “And the listening offered to us by the elected officials we met. “At the top of Mont Ventoux, a nice surprise awaited the athlete. “I learned that I had my bac. Mention very well in addition. A great time. « 

Sunday, Hakaroa Vallée completes its Loop. With the feeling of having conveyed his message. And hoping to meet the French riders. The holidays will then have an excellent flavor.

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