« I ran into Rudy Gobert at the Euros, and he asked me if I wanted to buy him this »

Considered one of the figureheads of EuroBasket, Rudy Gobert was able to rub shoulders with other NBA stars, with whom he obviously had some exchanges. One of them has just been revealed, and involves… a big real estate offer!

In the shadow of Giannis Antetokounmpo, Luka Doncic or Nikola Jokic, he was still one of the main attractions of the competition. Due to his status as a multiple All-Star NBA, Rudy Gobert has been the subject of heavy surveillance during the EuroBasket. Expected at the turn by observers, he took a long time to start the machine, but ended up signing decisive performances for the France team.

Best player of the Blues on the whole tournament, the pivot of the Timberwolves thanks to this had the honor of being selected in the five major of the tournament, at the end of the final lost by the men of Vincent Collet. A five in which he was therefore preferred to Jokic, but also to Lauri Markkanen, yet sparkling with Finland. The latter could still have received a nice consolation prize from Gobzilla.

In the middle of the Euro, Rudy Gobert’s crazy offer to an NBA star

Subject of a recent interview with Eric Walden for the Salt Lake GrandstandMarkkanen revealed the funny exchange he had with Gobert behind the scenes of the Euro:

When told that Joe Ingles’ former home is still on the market, and that its price has dropped by several hundred thousand dollars, Markkanen laughed. « I ran into Rudy Gobert at the hotel during the Euros in Berlin and he asked me if I wanted to buy his house from him, » he said.

A rather unusual request, but one that made full sense at the time. Indeed, a few days earlier, the Finnish interior had been transferred to Jazz as part of the Donovan Mitchell trade. From then on, it seemed logical that he was looking for a place to stay near Salt Lake City. Rudy therefore courteously offered his own, which he will no longer have use for as a new Minnesota player anyway.

Without revealing whether or not he accepted the offer of his French counterpart, Markkanen on the other hand returned to his departure from Cleveland, which he experienced in a very particular way:

I found out on Twitter that we had just recruited Donovan Mitchell, but at that time the names of those who were going the other way could not be found. I thought, “I wonder who we’re going to trade. Oh, I wonder if I’ll go to Utah. »

It finally turns out that he did have to pack his bags, just like Collin Sexton and Ochai Agbaji. A scenario that he hadn’t really anticipated, and that he admits having had trouble coping with at the time:

It was a lot of emotions. I understand the business side of it all, so I don’t blame anyone. I thanked the leaders for the opportunity they gave me. But my first reaction was very emotional, because my family and I really loved Cleveland, and we thought we’d found a home here.

Visibly well established with the Cavaliers, Lauri Markkanen has nevertheless paid the price for the arrival of Donovan Mitchell, and will now aim to replace Rudy Gobert in Utah. And this, perhaps by recovering the house of the Stifle Tower!

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