“I no longer have any contact with LeBron”

Many players are lucky to be close to LeBron James, like Kevin Love for example. Nevertheless, the King makes no exceptions, even among journalists. Brian Windhorst, who was close to the Laker for a long time in his career, says everything has changed today. It is necessary to believe that the native of Akron does not make in the feelings.

During his immense career, LeBron James met a lot of people within the franchises. Many acquaintances in the lot, but few can claim to consider him a friend today. The years pass and the contact is lost little by little, as with the insider Brian Windhorst. The two men exchanged for a while, which is rare with a journalist, but not anymore:

Brian Windhorst explains that he no longer has a close relationship with LeBron James: “Over the past few years, I have had a few messages with him, but we have both moved on. »

LeBron James ready to snub the media?

For those who know the player, it will not surprise anyone. We know that James is comfortable with the media, but not to the point of making friends most of the time. Only Yahoo Sport’s Chris Haynes is known to have a real connection with some, like Damian Lillard. Nevertheless, LeBron is not necessarily a fan, especially given all the rumors.

Whatever happens, Windhorst can thank the King. As some Internet users explain, the insider has mainly made himself known thanks to the Laker in the past:

He literally built his career with LeBron. I have never seen such a reporter build his career on just one player like Windhorst

« We went ahead. » If you’re a journalist, you’re not “going ahead” with a relationship with the biggest name in the league, they’re the ones.

Lol looks like LeBron has moved on mostly. If LeBron contacts him tomorrow, you can be sure he’ll beg for it.

It is rare to see LeBron James close to a media, even if this relationship is no longer relevant. And as some Internet users want to remind you, as a journalist, you can’t snub the biggest name in the NBA. Given his address book, we imagine that it is the King who has mostly moved on.

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