« I need to destroy the forces of my opponents »

At 41, he is the oldest driver on the grid, and yet he proves again this season that he can still perform. He manages to count the experience accumulated over the years to his natural talent.

Over the years, Fernando Alonso always managed to find the slightest competitive advantage that he could put to his advantage. During the Austrian Grand Prix, where he had cleaned up his starting place on the grid to get the best start possible, for example.

The Spanish pilot revealed in the columns of Motorsport that he appreciated that these small details were pointed out. He considers that this is part of his competitive side that he has, that of exploiting his strengths in the hope that this reveals certain weaknesses in his competitors.

“I have to do things 100%. I must kill all the forces of others. It’s what I do in everything I practice, regardless of the sport. When I play tennis and I play someone better than me, I was bouncing the ball really high so that he lost momentum and got into an awkward situation. »

“It’s not just in motorsport. I just need to destroy other people’s strengths, and maximize my own. » he explains.

Experience develops other qualities

There is no doubt in Alonso that his experience in Formula 1 gave him advantages allowing him to be much better in certain areas.

“I think experience helps in many cases. Especially for starts, being attentive, tire management, pit stops, the way of approaching the mechanics… But also the way of approaching the weekends: free practice, their importance or not… .”

« When you’re young you sometimes give too much attention to every lap you do, even in FP1 where it feels like it’s the title lap… Lots of progress has been made in the wet conditions and wet. Usually races in the rain are very long, you know, things can change quickly, there are a lot of safety cars, lines that get dry. There are more opportunities. »

“Every lap is not the last lap. Those kinds of things, where I made mistakes at first, that now I try to avoid. And it all comes from your mistakes and your experience. »

Age is not a handicap

Fernando Alonso doesn’t think his age could have caused him to decline in any way, especially after taking a two-season break from Formula 1, allowing him to recharge the batteries.

« As for the cons, it’s hard to say anything because I don’t think I’m missing anything I had when I was younger », did he declare. »

“Maybe in 2018 I felt I was mentally drained from all the marketing and travel and things like that. And I needed those two years. Now I feel good. So I don’t know if it was just those two years that helped me. Or the fact that I just have a different approach now. »

Above all, the Oviedo native believes he is a much better version of himself since returning to F1 than he was at the end of his first stint.

« It’s not just your own cockpit and your own strategy, so maybe I understand better how the race develops. And also the different categories in which I drove: I think they teach me different things. »

“There are different racing philosophies, different riding techniques. When you lose the car, you have oversteer, maybe my hands and feet are doing something that I didn’t know before, because I only drove Formula 1 cars before. So, in a way, I feel more in control of things now. »

Fernando Alonso is not yet done with his Formula 1 history. The driver should continue to drive in the category for the next two years, at a minimum, since he has joined Aston Martin to replace the four-time world champion, Sebastian Vettel.

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