“I lost $1 million in one day, and that’s 10 or 20 times over. I’m just dumb »

The NBA allows its members to receive very large sums of money, which some sometimes find it difficult to keep over time. A league legend, for example, admits having often lost 7-figure sums in record time!

If there are destinies for Junior Bridgeman, who went from role player to multi-millionaire thanks to his investments, the opposite scenarios are unfortunately more frequent. The NBA indeed regularly deplores the bankruptcy declared by some of its former players, sometimes very prestigious. Others don’t fall quite so low, but can suffer serious financial losses in the blink of an eye.

The addiction that cost Charles Barkley dearly

If he only received 43 million dollars through his various salaries received in the league, Charles Barkley did not hesitate to bet large sums during his career. A guilty inclination on which he agreed to return during an interview granted to Graham Bensinger a little over a year ago, revealing the pleasure that this risky practice gave him, and that still gives him:

What I like about betting? To earn. It’s exciting to make money. People say they like the sensations it gives, but no, what I like is the money. It sucks when you lose, but the feeling is incredible when you win.

Unfortunately for Chuck, it’s more often the defeat that he experienced, as he readily concedes:

My biggest accomplishment with betting is that I changed my mindset on the subject. I don’t try to earn a LOT anymore. I’m just trying to win. I made $1 million in a day maybe 5 or 6 times. But I lost $1 million in one day at least 10 times, something like that. I would say between 10 and 20 times. I don’t have the exact number, because it dates back to the 80s.

If he has therefore ceased to put such amounts into play nowadays, the former interior owes it in particular to his relatives, who have obviously found the right words to reason with him:

Of course it had gotten out of control. I quit for, like, two years. And I remember talking about it one day with my friends. They told me that the problem was not the bets. It’s just that I’m stupid!

Addicted to gambling, Charles Barkley admits having reached excess many times in the past, and having paid the price in the literal sense. A good lesson, which would have enabled him to realize his lack of intelligence!

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