“I know it, I am the one who must sacrifice himself”

There are many disappointments in the NBA right now, and everyone is looking for solutions. At the Lakers, a member of the Big 3, for example, is perfectly aware that he will have to sacrifice himself to hope to win the title.

Russell Westbrook brings many different emotions to Lakers fans this season. After a complicated start, he seemed to be on the right track with several triple-doubles, constant activity and above all a positive energy that he was the only one to display in the squad. But recently, he has become public enemy number one in California. It must be said that the images do not plead in its favor….

Russell Westbrook not worried about rumors

Russell Westbrook is still so strong-willed, we can’t take that away from him, but his decline is pretty dizzying. Teams no longer bother to defend on him when he’s out of the paint, which totally messed up Frank Vogel’s system. It is no coincidence that a humiliating hashtag about him is still trending on Twitter. In an interview with The Athletic, the leader has shown great clarity about his situation and his season.

We all try to understand how to win as a team, as a group, we seek how to find the solutions. I know that, I’m the one who has to sacrifice, and I understand why, so I have to figure out how to be the most efficient, how to take advantage of my situation, and how to make the team better. But my role changes every night I feel.

I’m trying to find my way around, but it’s obvious that we don’t have the answer to our problems. We have already changed the way we play several times. Personally, I have to figure out how to incorporate my style of play to make the team work better. I’m not worried about rumours, I have to stay professional. Every year my name ends up in the rumors. Nothing will change my mentality.

Russell Westbrook is that this team is that of LeBron James and Anthony Davis, he is simply there to adapt and help them find the Finals. But he also scores a point by evoking the vagueness surrounding his role. He doesn’t really know how to position himself, even after several months in the Lakers jersey, which reflects a collective problem more than an individual one…

Russell Westbrook doesn’t often speak to the media, but when he does, it’s with an honesty that honors him. In any case, the Lakers will quickly have to find solutions to integrate it, because without him, the title chances seem slim.

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