« I hate this sport, I will not skate anymore », the Russian skater Trusova devastated after her silver medal


THE SPORT SCAN – The young 17-year-old skater was inconsolable despite her second place after a technically exceptional but artistically perfectible performance.

Funny atmosphere in the Russian camp, Thursday after the women’s figure skating event. Despite Anna Shcherbakova’s Olympic title and Alexandra Trusova’s silver, tears flowed through the ranks of Russia. Not only on the side of Kamila Valieva, the Russian prodigy entangled in a resounding doping affair and only fourth after having yet flown over the short program three days earlier.

Her compatriot Alexandra Trusova didn’t seem any happier despite finishing second. Leaving the rink, the 17-year-old railed against the Russian coaching staff, visibly extremely disappointed with the marks awarded to her. « I hate this sport, I won’t skate anymore“, dropped in tears the inconsolable young woman a little later on the podium.

Alexandra Trusova had a technically exceptional free program by landing four quadruple lutz, which allowed her to go for more than 100 points on the technical score. Her artistic performance and some perfectible receptions were, on the other hand, sanctioned by the judges who crowned Anna Shcherbakova (255.95 points against 251.73 in total).


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