“I hate Chris Paul”: the declaration of Draymond who does not go to the Warriors!


While he has just joined the Warriors, Chris Paul integrates a workforce of veterans that he faces for many years. Draymond Green is one of those veterans, and an old statement about CP3 resurfaces. Morose atmosphere in Golden State…

In recent days, Chris Paul has had a turbulent life. Initially transferred to the Wizards after the trade of Bradley Beal, the Point God was finally sent to Golden State. Become undesirable with the Suns, he thus knows a new challenge for the less surprising with the Warriors. In the course of an interview, he had moreover himself admitted to having been surprised to learn of this transfer.

Since he joined the league, the legendary point guard has crossed paths with his future partners more than once. They fought tense and tense battles in the playoffs, acclimatizing to the workforce will therefore be the most difficult stage of his arrival in the San Francisco bay. If they want results, however, the Warriors will have no choice but to integrate him.

Draymond Green’s comments on CP3 resurface and cause concern

In Steve Kerr’s team, character is not lacking. If Klay Thompson and Stephen Curry are famous for having their temperament, Draymond Green is probably the biggest hothead of the bunch. The strong winger is known for his aggressiveness on the floor, but also for his outspokenness outside. One of his outings about Chris Paul has resurfaced and says nothing worthwhile about the atmosphere in the locker room next season:

I hate Chris Paul, we don’t have a good relationship at all. But I respect his work and I respect his intelligence. CP saw Steph Curry emerge, he pretended to get closer to him, and at the same time he was doing everything to prevent him from becoming better than him. We all love Steph, but he’s not from the streets. When I saw that, knowing where I come from, I did everything to create division and tension between them.

Between Draymond and CP, it is therefore not mad love. Hoping for results when a rookie is not appreciated by the locker room therefore seems somewhat utopian, so one can question the relevance of this movement. Obviously, the Warriors group is experienced and knows how to make sense of things in this kind of situation, but in the Green file, one could however assume that the divorce is consummated with the leaders.

The 2017 DPOY indeed seems increasingly headed for the exit in Golden State. While several rumors sent him to new horizons, he recently refused his player option. A departure to Los Angeles with the Lakers is then greatly considered, and even more with the arrival of Chris Paul. If nothing is yet recorded concerning his future, we suspect all the same that this trade has not really delighted him…

Chris Paul at the Warriors: the adventure begins on the hats of wheels! When he has just reached San Francisco, the Point God sees a video of Draymond Green admitting to hating him out. No doubt the former Sun could have hoped for a better reception…


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