« I had and I have no intention of reconciling with him »

Great man of the “literary return” NBA version with the release of his book “Unguarded”, Scottie Pippen has been distributing the scuds for a few weeks. This time around, it’s not Michael Jordan, but another legend who takes it seriously.

He disappointed, he frustrated, he made people laugh, he intrigued, he rained: whatever, Scottie Pippen has left no one indifferent lately. With the release of his book “Unguarded”, in which he tells the story of his career without filtering and expels the resentment accumulated with the distribution of The Last Dance, Pip made a shattering comeback to the limelight.

Obviously careless about preserving old friendships or pleasing the general public, the Bulls legend swings, and no one has paid the price more than Michael jordan, literally screwed up by his ex-sidekick for weeks on end. Same punishment for another Hall of Famer: Isiah Thomas

Scottie Pippen still hates IT

A great enemy of the Bulls in the 1980s, « Zeke » began an attempt at reconciliation with Pippen after the broadcast of the famous documentary, the story of burying the hatchet. Cold as a blade, Pip swept aside this outstretched hand tomorrow, as he explains himself in « Unguarded »:

In the spring of 2020, while the documentary aired, Isiah wished for peace between the two of us. He contacted BJ Armstrong (former teammate of Pippen, editor’s note), who then called me: “Would you be interested in talking to him? BJ asked me. I said, « Boy, are you kidding? When I first came into the league, he was never nice to me. Why would I want to see it now?

Pippen then hit the nail on the head, shutting the door once and for all in Thomas’ face:

Isiah is not an idiot. He knows full well that he had a bad image in The Last Dance, and rightly so. That he’s not counting on me to make things right?

This has the merit of being clear… and which can be understood. Besides Pippen and Jordan, Isiah made quite a few enemies in the 1980s with the Bad Boys, and it makes sense that some have lingering resentment after everything that has happened, even if water sank under the bridges.

When some seek to bury beef with age, Scottie Pippen seems to want to revive them. No question of speaking to Isiah Thomas, even 30 years after their last battle in the playoffs. We call that having a stubborn grudge!

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