“I feel 100%”


Keylor Navas, goalkeeper and captain of Costa Rica, expressed his « pride » despite the elimination following the defeat of his selection against Germany (2-4), and showed his desire to continue his international career.

“How do you analyze the World Cup selection?
It’s not easy to recover from a 7-0 in the first game (against Spain), we are not happy because the objective is not met but it is a very high level. We showed the character, the values ​​of Costa Ricans. We showed a lot of personality. We lacked a few things to go to the next round. We are proud of the effort we have made. It is also a source of pride to qualify Costa Rica for the third World Cup in a row. We need this type of meeting so that the country continues to grow.

What can this World Cup be used for?
We have gained experience. It must serve us during the next World Cups. We always have to move forward, we have a lot of talent and I hope we will come back strong.

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What is missing in Costa Rica to grow again?
Costa Rican football continues to grow. We have always known how to develop talents. I hope that more and more players will be able to play in European leagues so that we can continue to grow even more. This is the solution for the selection to continue to grow. We have talent, I’m not saying our League (local) is bad but the rhythm of the game is totally different. If our players were used to playing at this European rhythm every Sunday, it would be easier when they arrive at the World Cup.

Will you continue your international career?
I feel good, I’m happy. For me, it is a privilege to represent the country. I’ll see what happens in the future but I feel good. I will go through step after step. I feel 100%. »

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