« I faced Cristiano Ronaldo but the best of all time… »


Two years after being arrested in Asunción, Ronaldinho Gaúcho, a former Barcelona striker, now 35, no longer has any problems with the Paraguayan justice system.

After reaching an agreement with the authorities of the country, he was declared innocent of the accusation of having entered the territory with a false passport.

The situation of his brother, Roberto, a former Sporting player, is unusual: he also reached an agreement with the Paraguayan courts, in which he agreed to pay a fine and promised to appear once every four months before a federal judge in Brazil to confirm your residency.

However, the documentation was never sent from Paraguay to Brazil. The two main people involved in the media affair, Paraguayan businesswoman Dália Lopez and Brazilian Wilmondes Souza Lira, are still at large and on Interpol’s red list.

The Ronaldinho case was closed on August 24, 2021, exactly one year after the agreement that allowed the brothers to return to Brazil. The two men spent 171 days in Paraguay, first in a prison in Asunción, then under house arrest in a hotel in the capital of the South American country.

According to the defense of Ronaldinho and his brother, in Brazil, the means to prosecute the Paraguayan state are still being studied, since they consider that the arrest of the two was arbitrary and illegal.


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