« I ended up sleeping in an apartment … »

The model and influencer has taken a radical turn in her life, and as they point out from Netflix, « before she sold bags to Serrano, now she collects them ».

Life can sometimes take 180 degree turns, making everything go from nothing to nothing, or nothing to everything, albeit to change that of Georgina Rodriguez, who fell face down in her work and with the person who was going to change her. life, Cristiano Ronaldo

On January 27, the model and influencer documentary series will arrive on Netflix, chronicling how her life has been and is right now, from her childhood and youth to her present with the Manchester United striker.

But, before the arrival of this date, Georgina wanted to share with her more than 29.2 million Instagram followers a glimpse of what can be seen, giving some details of the most striking and unknown so far. .

His debut in Madrid

In this little trailer, the Spanish-Argentinian recounts her debut in Madrid. “My arrival in Madrid was wonderful. I was looking for a lot of cheap apartments. 300 euros. And I ended up sleeping in an apartment that had been a storage room. Cold in winter and heat in summer… The day I met Cristiano, my life changed ”, he confessed.

After these words, Georgina appears while walking around the city of Madrid and seeing a giant Netflix poster titled: « Before he sold bags in Serrano, now he collects them », referring to his past in a fashion store, when he specifically met the Portuguese crack.

In addition, another of the previews shows another of the aspects that will be shown in the documentary, and that is his involvement in the foundation. « Nuevo Futuro ».

An NGO « For children attending school by the Community of Madrid ». A story that undoubtedly moves Georgina, which also reveals her most human side.

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