« I dream of dunking it on it, I will post it in my house »

It is not uncommon to hear an NBA player announce wanting to dunk on one of his competitors in the league, just to mark his territory. Among these, Draymond Green recently added his name to the list. And his target is none other than a basketball legend!

Arrived in the league during the 2012-2013 season, Draymond green has since had a great career. Triple NBA champion, Defender of the Year, member of a record team with 73 victories in the regular campaign… The CV of the Warriors inside is long as the arm, and particularly prestigious for a second round of draft.

However, do not believe that Dray has nothing more to cross off his bucket list, it would be bad to know him. During an FAQ conducted with Bleacher Report, the former Michigan college revealed what he still wanted to accomplish in the NBA. And among these wishes, there is in particular that of going to crush a legend of the game under the basket:

Lebron james. I dream of being able to dunk him on the muzzle. I would absolutely like to hang the poster at home. He countered a shot at me during the Play-In-Tournament, and since that day I have only thought about one thing, trying to dunk on him. It’s clearly an obsession.

Here is one, with an impressive objective. Indeed, if his physical condition is worrying at the moment and that he is already 36 years old, LeBron remains nonetheless a hallucinating athletic phenomenon. The Laker is quite capable of defending his circle against dunkers (ask Thiago Splitter a little in the 2013 Finals), thanks to a jump which is still so delirious in 2020-21.

The Dancing Bear therefore has a job ahead of him if he wants to make his dream come true one day. In the meantime, he can draw inspiration from the competition, namely the very few players to have posterized the King. The latest is Jayson Tatum, who slammed this beauty in the conference finals in 2018, when James was still playing at the Cavs:

Glean a fourth league title? Of course that’s a goal, but Draymond Green mostly wants to put LeBron James on a poster. It would in any case give some crazy action to watch, enough to squat the Top 10 of an evening. See you in 2021-22 to see it!

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