« I don’t understand why Michael Jordan hates me »

In his frantic quest for the heights of basketball, Michael Jordan obviously did not only make friends. But a very specific player, who seems to be suffering from the situation, still does not understand why His Airness hates him so much. And he explained it by putting forward strong elements quite recently…

Michael Jordan is an unparalleled competitor, demanding as much from others as from himself. So inevitably, when someone disappoints MJ, or breaks his esteem, the sentence is irrevocable. Ask, for example, Charles Barkley, whom the six-time NBA champion has ignored for more than 10 years following criticism of Jordan’s handling of the Charlotte franchise. Another example ? Isiah Thomas, of course.

Bloodthirsty rivals on the courts during the rivalry between Pistons and Bulls in the late 1980s, the two men never knew how to put the pieces back together. In the famous documentary « The Last Dance », Michael Jordan moreover multiplied the missiles towards “Zeke”, who took these remarks very badly.

Hated by Michael Jordan, Isiah Thomas strikes back

The former Detroit leader opened up in depth on the subject, as if to empty his bag:

That Jordan calls me an asshole in the documentary? I was angry. Very annoyed. I watched the documentary, and I saw Jordan being an asshole to everyone, and then allowing himself to call me an asshole. The thing is, I’ve always been nice to this guy. Really, go do some research and you’ll see.

I’m from the West Side of Chicago. I’m over there, Michigan Avenue, Rush Street, everything. Okay ? Well on the West Side of Chicago, when Michael Jordan came to town, I made it easy for him to walk the streets there. My family took care of him. My brother and my sister became his friends, and my little nephew lived with Michael Jordan. I’ll say it again: my little nephew lived with Michael Jordan.

I was always polite to him, extremely good. I called him often during this period. So this whole “Isiah is an asshole” thing, no no no: man, I was taking care of you. I don’t understand why he hates me.

A very interesting prospect, to which, we hope, MJ will react one day. It would seem that beyond this cordiality, even friendship, when Jordan arrived in Chicago in 1984, the mythical number 23 mainly retained the grievances on the floor. We are talking in particular about the famous All-Star Game 1985, during which IT would have decided to deprive MJ of balloons as much as possible, as well as subsequent episodes between Chicago and Detroit, in particular marked by numerous fights and controversies.

The years go by, and Michael Jordan like Isiah Thomas continue to see things very differently. One thing is certain: the beef seems very difficult to reconcile, and it is likely that the enmity between the two men will continue until the end. However, let’s hope for a reconciliation…

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