« I don’t understand anything anymore »: Damian Lillard’s latest decision that tires the fans!


Still cited in many rumors, Damian Lillard had a good chat with the Blazers on Monday to discuss his future and, potentially, ask for his trade. The leader made his choice with Portland… but it is not unanimous. Far from there.

The episode Damian Lillard is (finally) over. Quoted in rumors to play in the Heat next year, the point guard should finally stay another season in Oregon to have a chance to play the title. It is the objective of the star and that of the organization, determined to surround Dame with big players for next year.

The Damian Lillard soap opera finally wrapped up?

This is the conclusion of the meeting between the two parties on Monday. We recall that the Blazers decided to select Scoot Henderson in the draft, explaining to Lillard that the leader would be able to help him for a possible run in the playoffs. The leaders also have the ambition to improve their roster in the months to come.

After discussing Portland’s future with Damian Lillard, the Blazers continue « to explain that they are determined to build a winning team around Dame. »

Except that with Henderson and potentially Jerami Grant, no one is fooled: this team is going nowhere. Not when you see the current level of the Western conference. The departure seemed however to be the best solution in order to allow Portland to rebuild… but nobody wants to turn the page. Enough to tire the supporters.

I swear I keep seeing this statement over and over

I don’t understand anything about what’s happening with this guy.

Despite a good opportunity to rebuild with Scoot Henderson and Anfernee Simons, the Blazers want to persist with Damian Lillard, while the chances of winning the title are close to non-existent. A choice no one understands.


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