« I don’t think Kyrie wants to find LeBron »

Kyrie Irving has been linked to the Lakers for several weeks, without a trade being confirmed. It must even be said that the rumors have been quiet for some time, to the point that a visit to the City of Angels seems unlikely. A will of the Angelinos? Not for this polemicist, who thinks that the leader does not necessarily want to find the King.

For some time now, the Lakers have been trying to get a big name in order to experience a nice improvement within their roster. The targeted area is quite simple, namely the lead, with the possible departure of Russell Westbrook. Fans are unwilling to give him a second chance and are calling for his departure, although the process is quite complex. Indeed, no one wants the star, not without assets in stride.

If Rob Pelinka wants to trade Westbrook, he will have to drop the first two draft rounds belonging to the Purple and Gold, namely that of 2027 and 2029. A request refused to the Nets, who hope for a turnaround by the camp of training, which will take place in September. The goal is simple in the Big Apple: give in Kyrie Irving for Russell Westbrook, while taking 2 first laps along the way.

The departure of Kyrie Irving compromised at the Nets?

Only here, this scenario has taken the lead in the wing recently. There were a lot of rumors in July, and then nothing for some time, the fault of the Kevin Durant file which is not moving forward. Some sources even suggest that Irving does not want to leave Brooklyn. A version that Skip Bayless confirms, he who obviously adds LeBron James in the equation.

If Kyrie Irving wants to join LeBron James at the Lakers so badly, why doesn’t he mention his trade request in public by explaining: “I want to join the Lakers. I’m not happy in Brooklyn, I have to go to Los Angeles”? Why didn’t this happen?

There are several answers to this, but let’s just say that asking for a trade publicly is never a good method. Critics abound, and perhaps Kyrie is still hoping the Lakers can find a deal by camp. We can also say that the former Cavalier, although he is not against the prospect of playing with LeBron, prefers to stay in Brooklyn even more.

Kyrie Irving with LeBron James? This is the wish of many fans, but one wonders if the converse is true on the side of the players. The King wouldn’t say no, while Ky’ feels good in the Big Apple, despite the upcoming departure of Kevin Durant. Unfortunately, it is not he who will decide his future.

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