« I don’t care who defends me, even Jesus I would dunk on him »

To be a dunker feared by all, you have to know how to display absolute confidence in your abilities. A young star demonstrated this perfectly recently, explaining that he was ready to crush anyone… including the Messiah, if the latter converted into a basketball player!

With his draft mate Zion Williamson, he’s probably the most exciting dunker of this generation. Except that unlike inside the Pelicans who regularly squat the infirmary, Ja Morant has been able to amaze us countless times when he takes off for the circle. Once he takes off, nothing and no one seems to be able to stop the reigning MIP, who notably split an inhuman poster against the Timberwolves last year:

With his trigger, his long arms and his steely determination, the Grizzlies superstar is a customer to take very seriously when he initiates a penetration towards the basket. Especially since, as he recently declared on the Pivot podcast, the leader does not have much to do with who will try to stop him in his ascent to the hoop. On the contrary, he does not pay attention to it and would be ready to massacre all those who oppose him:

Ja Morant ready to dunk on everyone

Channing Crowder : I always wonder, when you come out of pick-and-roll at the head of the racket, do you worry about who will be waiting for you under the circle?

Ja Morant : Nah, I don’t think about it, I don’t care. I go like this.

Channing Crowder : And if it was Jesus who defended you? He would take one on the face?

Ja Morant : Yeah. I’d apologize and go pray afterwards, but yeah I’d ride on him.

Difficult to make more clear on the part of the player from Memphis. With his ultra-spectacular side, fans would not say no to him coming to raise the level of the Slam Dunk Contest, which has been bordering on the ridiculous for a few years. At the moment though, he doesn’t seem to be too excited about it, unless he’s being paid handsomely for it. It is therefore up to the league to do what is necessary, because with such a phenomenon, it would be better not to miss the opportunity to make even more audiences.

Clearly, Ja Morant isn’t afraid to go up on anyone, even if it was Christ. We want to believe him after all that he has been able to show as madness under the circle in the past. Considering how he left, we should still have the right to a festival next year.

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