« I cried on the plane when I was traded »


The more time passes, the less attached the players seem to their franchise, which is why superstars change teams regularly. But that was not always the case. The proof, a legend still in activity cried during his first exchange.

In the NBA, romance is less and less present in the hearts of superstars. Indeed, as soon as they feel stuck in a complicated situation, they ask to leave to join a big team and play the title immediately. There are many examples in recent years with Anthony davis and James harden especially. The attachment to the city and to the supporters is no longer as strong as in the 90s.

This explains the total incomprehension in front of the refusal of Damian Lillard to leave Blazers who stagnate, even which regress for several seasons. Loyalty is no longer a fashionable trait, something another All-Star has come to understand. He also announced be ready to leave your franchise of always to be a little more « selfish » and to win titles.

Chris Paul in tears as he leaves New Orleans

But the mindset in the NBA hasn’t always been the same, and some still-serving legends have had a time when leaving a franchise was a terrible heartbreak, even to be in a better situation. When Chris Paul left New Orleans to join Los Angeles and the up-and-coming Clippers, he couldn’t hold back tears. Yahoo Sports was telling at the time.

Chris Paul boarded a private jet on December 15, 2011 at around 5 a.m. He flew to Los Angeles. As soon as the former Hornets star sat down in his seat, the reality of his leaving a city he loved and a particularly frustrating franchise entered his head. He totally burst into tears before the plane’s wheels even left the tarmac.

“I got on the plane just after saying hello to the airport staff that I have seen all these years on every trip, it was a particularly moving moment. You always think you have time to digest the news, but once the trade is announced you have to leave. The trade took place at night, I couldn’t even say goodbye to my teammates, I had to leave town immediately.  »

Chris Paul spent the first 6 seasons of his career with the Hornets, and only 4 in New Orleans, the fault of Hurricane Katrina… But it was enough to develop a strong love with Louisiana, a particularly warm and welcoming state. welcoming. When he left, the emotion was inevitably immense, since he left the city with a feeling of incomplete in the mouth …

Chris Paul was a sentimental to the time, he could not hold back his tears when he left New Orleans. Fortunately, he quickly found sporting comfort with the Clippers and Lob City, even though he did not clinch the much-hoped-for title.


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