« I can’t wait, it will perk us up mentally »

MAINTENANCE – The rear of the Bulls sees in the NBA match in Paris, January 19, 2023, a « great opportunity« . And sees the Bulls as title contenders this season.

Sitting at a desk draped in black, wearing a carmine red long-sleeved t-shirt, Alex Caruso poses in front of a professional photographer. Behind him, a model wears his Chicago Bulls jersey, which he signed, in the NBA Store in Paris, which opened its doors at the end of July. The American rear gave 10 minutes of his time to Le Figaro, just over a month from the start of the season.

Reputed to be an excellent defender and cerebral player, Alex Caruso (28 years old, 1.93 m) was on promotion for the NBA match in Paris, scheduled for January 19, 2023 at the Accor Arena between Chicago and the Detroit Pistons. He also spoke about his love for Manchester City, the ambition of the Bulls or his particular trajectory, he who was champion with the Los Angeles Lakers, in 2020, when he had not even been drafted.

LE FIGARO. – How are your first steps in Paris going?

Alex Caruso. – I love it, so far it’s going really well. Nothing bad, apart from the rain, but there’s nothing we can do about it (smile

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